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   Chapter 284 So Happy at the Thought of It

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Janet shook her head, and said, "Forget about me! You go first!" She too would try to find some means of escape out of this.

Only when they saw that Janet's neck had been pinched by the knife, and was slightly bleeding, did the bodyguards leave the alley.

Janet was then taken into a car, and inside it, Hobson complacently sat beside her.

The moment they left the alley, more than a dozen cars led by Daniel started to chase after them.

Tracking Janet's cell phone, Daniel followed closely to them all the way.

In the car

Casually leaning against the backseat, Hobson played with a cigarette in his hand, and said, "Miss Janet, who would have thought that you'd end up in my grasp! Haha, I'm so happy at the thought of it."

The man suddenly burst out laughing, and his unbridled, mischievous laughter lasted for a long time.

After the driver looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that a dozen cars were following them from behind, he hastily reported to his boss. He knew that they weren't Black Moon. "Boss, we're being followed!"

But Hobson didn't care at all, and said, "Throw them off!"

"Yes, boss!"

Janet silently looked outside the window, and didn't pay any attention to what Hobson was saying.

She was wondering who was coming to her rescue.

"Boss, I failed to throw them off! I thought that I already did earlier, but they caught up with us again!" said the driver.

Hobson stared at Janet with a pair of sharp eyes, and intended to grab the handbag from her hand.

Janet, of course, didn't want to give it to him, and asked, "Why do you want to take my handbag away? You can't even afford it if you'll stain it with your dirty fingers."

The handbag had been sent by Spark from a store not that long ago. It had been a gift from Daniel.

More importantly, if she wasn't guessing wrong, the cars behind them were Daniel's. She had almost managed to get through with a phone call to him.

She wouldn't let Hobson find her cell phone that was calling Daniel.

"Bitch! Give me the bag!" He forcefully grabbed the bag from her.

Janet was about to take it back, but then Hobson coldly said, "If you don't care about yourself, won't you at least care about your children?"

Hearing the threat in his words, Janet gave up.

Luckily, her cell phone had already been locked and had a black screen when it was taken out the bag.

But Hobson wasn't stupid; he checked the call logs and found that the last call was put out to Daniel, which was exactly what he thought.

He looked at th

Daniel, but now it seemed that he couldn't dodge it!

He became outraged, and yelled, "Then ask Daniel to give up the land for Janet!"

Caspar took a look at the expensive luxury car beside him, and dismissively replied to Hobson, "Then you should contact him yourself!"

He knew that Hobson didn't have the guts to offend Daniel.

Hobson's face became livid with rage. He also knew that if he had the nerve to directly offend Daniel, he would not have called Casper earlier!

He hung up and then threw the phone onto the table.

He made a gesture and then all of his assistants and bodyguards quickly left the room within one minute. There were only the two of them left in the living room.

Hobson moved closer to the woman and squinted at her, and said, "Call Daniel right now and tell him to give up that piece of land for your safety. If you can't persuade him to do so, well, then I'll kill you!"

Without him noticing, Janet discreetly backed away from him, and said, "I don't have a phone; how can I contact him?"

Hobson took out his own phone from his pocket, swiped the unlock key, and then passed it to her. He demanded, "Call him, now!"

He didn't make sure to check how important this woman really was in Daniel's heart, and he didn't know of what Daniel would be capable of doing for her.

Janet looked around the living room and could confirm that they were alone.

After she took the phone from him, she pretended to dial Daniel's number and then suddenly used the cell phone to hit Hobson's bandaged arm when he wasn't paying attention to her.

"Ouch!" Hobson gave out a shriek of pain, and Janet took the opportunity to run towards the villa's door.

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