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   Chapter 283 Killing People on the Street in Daytime

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A woman was standing somewhere not that far away from them. When she saw that she didn't successfully shoot Janet, she quickly left the scene.

After she escaped, two of Janet's guards ran after her.

Janet had experienced something like this before. She calmly walked to the fruit store, retrieved her purse, and then got back in the car.

Her driver had already started the car, but when the first car was shot he had to stop.

And so did the last one. Her driver then drove faster and overtook the first car.

That car had also been shot, and it had attracted a lot attention. All the people that were around screamed and ran away in terror to seek places to hide.

After a while, people heard the police siren closing in.

The street was in a mess, and because people were running everywhere on it, Janet's driver couldn't drive faster.

Another bullet hit one of the car's window, but didn't break it. Janet then understood that the windows had been modified beforehand.

The car's tire was then shot, and it stopped in the middle of the street.

"Miss Janet, the tire is punctured. Let's get down firstly." The driver was a trained professional, and he asked Janet to leave the car immediately. They couldn't wait there to be killed.

Janet nodded, and then opened the car's door and quickly got off.

A few of her guards protected her and moved her to an alley.

But her enemy had been well prepared, and they were found everywhere. When Janet's team ran into the alley, a group of people stopped them.

The leader was Hobson Gong, a name familiar to Janet.

Janet opened her bag, took her phone out and called the first of her contacts. It was Daniel.

To successfully dial Daniel's number, she tapped the dial button on her phone's screen for several times.

"Janet Shao!" Hobson was showing his tattoos on his arms. He was wearing a black shirt with a pair of matching black pants and black marten's shoes.

Janet wondered, 'Wasn't Hobson hurt? Why does he look like he doesn't have a scratch?'

She looked at Hobson devoid of any expression on her face, and zipped back her bag.

With a disgusting smile on his face, Hobson came close to Janet, and said, "Janet, you are in Z Country now, and that means that you're on my turf!"

Hobson mig

ed back, she saw that many guns had been now aimed at her guards.

'Damn Hobson!' His viciousness again refreshed Janet's imagination.

It was broad daytime on the street, and he had not only brought knives, but guns too it seemed!

Janet walked a few steps back. She drew her hand out of Jay's, and coldly told Hobson, "Let them go, I'll go with you willingly!"

Her guards didn't want Janet to sacrifice herself for them, and they ignored the danger and continued to fight with the Black Moon again.

Unfortunately, Jay, who was standing next to Janet, had been shot in his leg. He was injured and almost kneeled down on the ground beside her.

At that moment, some police cars were on their way to the scene. When they arrived, some of Hobson's guards went to the policemen, and after they said something to them, they quickly left.

"All of you, stop!" Janet became angry.

She held Jay up on his feet, and ordered Elliot, "All of you, leave right now!"

Out of her six guards, three of which belonged to the Tianye Men, and the other three which were sent by Daniel, none wanted to leave her side.

Janet didn't want to see the bloody scene, and couldn't bear it any longer.

She had hated the fact that good people had gotten hurt because of her.

She took a knife and pressed it against her neck, and yelled at Elliot, "Go! Now!"

Her decision had been already made long ago!

Janet's words made Elliot feel even more distressed. He said, "Miss Janet, we can't allow them to take you away!"

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