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   Chapter 282 What Have You Experienced

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Janet cried, and hastily nodded, "Yes! Yes, I get it! Bastard... No! Daniel!"

She took her words back under the man's threatening look.

Daniel satisfactorily took her in his arms, and asked, "What's the matter?" She cried out because she hadn't put any clothes on her yet!

Ignoring her cry, he brought her to the wardrobe, where he found many clothes on hangers.

Some of them were Janet's, and some were Daniel's.

He put the woman on the couch and took out some clothes from the closet... He had first wanted to take out a dress, but he looked at the woman curled up on the couch and took out one of the hotel's white bathrobes instead.

"So, do you want to go out tonight?" But judging from the love bites on her body, he thought that she might not have the energy after all to go out.

And he was right! Janet hastily shook her head, and said, "No, I just want to go to sleep!"

She quickly put on the bathrobe Daniel gave her and tied it's cord around her waist. Daniel took her in his arms again and went out of the closet.

"Let's have dinner first." He put her on the chair by the table, and then he brought her a pair of slippers and put them on her feet.

The doorbell rang, and Daniel pressed the button to unlock the door.

"Excuse me, room service with you dinner!"

With Daniel's permission, the waiter came in with the dining pushcart into the room after Daniel had just put the slippers on her feet.

Seeing that dinner had arrived, Janet gobbled up almost all the food to fill her empty stomach.

Seeing that she was full, Daniel put down the fork and knife and then wiped his mouth with a napkin.

He left the dinning table and then pulled her to the living room, and said, "Follow me."

Janet was confused. 'What happened?' she thought.

She then all of a sudden remembered her nightmare, and her face went white, and wondered whether Daniel wanted to ask her about that...

Her breath intensified, because she really didn't want to recall her past... She pulled herself away from his grip on her hand, and said, "I... I have to leave!"

She was so panicked that she instantly rushed to the door, forgetting that she was wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

The man called out to her, "Jane!"

quickly kissed him on the cheek.

He lifted her chin with his big hand, and while he looked at her with a deep stare, he said "Do you want to bribe me?"

Janet guiltily lowered her head, "No."

Daniel kissed her red lips and held her in his arms.

After quite some time, he let go of her, and in low voice, said, "If there're any problems, you know you can contact me anytime."

'He's agreed, right?' Janet sweetly smiled at him and nodded.

Daniel cuddled with her and then they both had a good night's sleep. The following morning, Janet went to the hospital after she had her breakfast.

She had also bought Caspar some fruit on her way to him.

Altogether, there were three cars. In the first car were the Tianye Men people, and in the third car were the bodyguards that had been sent by Daniel to protect her all around the clock.

After she had bought the fruits, she got back inside the middle, second Bentley.

The driver opened the car door for her, but when she lowered her head and was just about to get in the car, she realized that she had forgotten her purse inside the fruit store.

She went back to get her purse, but just at that moment, she heard gunshots.

Bullets from silencer-fitted weapons hit the car door and fell on the ground, but the car door was only slightly distorted.

Daniel had already ordered the car to be modified; the whole car, including the windows, were bulletproof.

The guards immediately drew their guns and surrounded the car.

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