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   Chapter 281 Dispose of People Without Ever Being Noticed

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Her kissing made Daniel crazier, and he pressed her beneath him and kissed her red lips.

'Daniel! I love you! I love you so much!'

'Janet! I love you, too. I love you very much!'


It was getting dark, and after they had sex, Daniel took the exhausted Janet in his arms and carried her to the bathroom.

After they came out of the bathroom, Daniel gently put the sleeping woman on the bed.

He put on his bathrobe, lighted cigarette and then sat on the sofa. He called Spark, "Send some medicine here!"

Spark was amazed when he heard what medicine Daniel really wanted.

'Our CEO is so strong...'

Daniel hung up then and walked back to the side of the bed. He looked at the sleeping woman, and thought about something.

He then took her phone, unlocked it with her finger, and found Caspar's number in the phone's contacts.

He went behind the curtains to the balcony, and as he looked outside at the view of Z Country, he called Caspar.

"Janet, where are you?"

"It's me!" replied Daniel in a cold and stern voice, interrupting Caspar's warm greetings.

The two were silent for a while.

"Tell me through what had Janet been through in the past three years?" Daniel was berserk, having the urge to kill... the man who had hurt Janet.

Caspar still said nothing.

Three minutes later, when Daniel put his cigarette out, he finally heard Caspar saying, "Everything was fine most of the time, but when her child was ten months old... she had went missing for half a year, but when she returned... she was like she had become someone else, a different person."

Caspar had investigated where Janet had been and what she had experienced for a long time, but had found nothing useful.

Janet had been unwilling to tell him this things. In the beginning, she had even broke down when he had asked her about what had happened to her.

"Besides, she... has taken drugs." When he heard this, Daniel frowned, confused.

How could have Janet possibly taken drugs?

"Someone has injected her with drugs!" Caspar had taken her to a drug rehabilitation center, and had seen her being tortured for a whole month.

When he spoke of this, Caspar touched the scarred tee

was busy with the Black Moon Gangster all night.

When he had finished, it was already very dark in the room.

Outside the room, all the streetlights were on, but he wasn't in the mood to enjoy any kind of scenery. He called the front desk for room service.

Then he walked to the side of the bed and turned on the bed lamp. The woman was still sleeping on the middle of the large bed.

He went to the bathroom, soaked a towel in hot water and wiped her body with it. Finally, he rubbed some of the ointment on her body.

After that, Daniel went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. When he came out, he found Janet awake, with her face buried in the pillow.

He smiled and looked at the woman. "Janet, is your face made out of water?

You're so shy, and your face always blushes!"

Daniel thought that she was really cute.

Janet showed her eyes and hit back at him, and said, "Yes. I'm not like you. You're made out of bulletproof material, so even bullets can't go through your skin!"

Daniel sat by her side, and Janet was so scared that she hastily rolled over and kept away from him.

'Damn it! While I was sleeping, Daniel even rubbed on me...

I don't know what happened exactly, but it must be him who rubbed this ointment on me!'

He lay down on the bed next to her, approached her, and touched her soft face. "Jane, I didn't mean to hurt you, but you lied to me. Haven't you learned the consequences of lying to me by now?"

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