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   Chapter 279 I Don't Want You To See Her

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7449

Updated: 2018-09-08 10:39

Daniel asked, "What's wrong with her?"

"She's sick because of the new environment."

"I see."

After Daniel hung up the phone, he said to Janet, "I need to go to the hospital first, but you go back to the hotel."

Shirley was, after all, his secretary, and she was in the hospital. He had to pay her a visit.

But as for Janet… Given her bad relationship with Shirley, she never wanted to see her again.

Daniel didn't use the Bluetooth headset, and Janet heard nearly all that Spark had said to him.

"All right!" Janet replied to him without hesitation.

Daniel cast a glance at her and captured the sadness that had built up in her eyes at the time.

"I'll go back to the hotel with you!" He changed his mind at once, because if she felt morose about the whole thing, then he wouldn't go.

While looking through the window, rather than him, she replied, "Never mind, you can go."

Why go and see Shirley? He had known very well that she disliked her. If he had went to see Spark, then she wouldn't have said anything.

Daniel pulled the car over, and said, "Jane, I don't want you to be unhappy."

They had finally been together again, and he didn't want anything unpleasant to happen between them ever again.

She blurted out what she was thinking at the time, "Well, then don't go. I don't want you to see her!"

And anyway, she had no interest at all to make friends again with Shirley!

Daniel smiled, and kissed her lips, and said, "Okay, then. I'm not going."

As they arrived at the hotel, Janet went in the bathroom to take a shower first, and Daniel went to handle his business.

When she finished her shower, Janet thought of the twins, but she didn't dare to video call them, because she feared to let Daniel know about the whole thing.

At the time, Janet was wandering if she should tell Daniel about twins, or not.

But, at the thought of they being back together again for not that long of a time, she thought that it was a little bit too soon to tell him about the twins at the moment.

'Well, maybe later!' she thought.

After chatting with Sally on WeChat, she found out that the twins were with Lola, which finally made her give up on the thought to video call her swe

ook in the mirror, but said, "I look perfect. How could ever I scare off other people?"

She thought that Janet was definitely deceiving her, because she must have been jealous of her beauty.

Janet laughed loudly, "Sabina, look at you eyebrows."

"What's wrong with my eyebrows?" Sabina leaned closer to the mirror and stared at her eyebrows. 'Well, they look very nice.'

"Look at your funny eyebrows and risible eyes, blubber lips and ape-like chin, and your remarkably huge face. It even makes me feel embarrassed about you."

Sabina flared up again and was about to throw her cellphone to the mirror. How dared Janet insult her like that?

"Janet! You've gone too far!"

Her injured wrist even ached a bit because of her anger.

"Too far? Aren't you even ashamed to call my boyfriend so late at night? Are you that shameless?" Janet turned over and suddenly got a glimpse of the man behind her, and froze.

'He… He… When did he came out?'

The man looked at her unconcerned, and therefore, Janet thought that he didn't hear what she had said to Sabina about him earlier.

She smiled at him, feeling guilty.

"Janet, it's still uncertain who Daniel's girlfriend is. Don't let it get to your head too much!" She would definitely make Daniel fall in love with her again.

Janet cleared her throat, and possessively replied, "Daniel is mine for ever, don't ever think otherwise. And anyone who looks at my man will be thrashed without any sort of mercy."

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