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   Chapter 278 I Meant to Get A Divorce

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The waiter came back with the fish balls and salted tofu, and Janet Shao asked for two pairs of chopsticks. She removed the packaging off one of them, and then handed the other to Daniel Si.

Daniel took them and put them on the table, and it seemed that he didn't want to eat anything.

Janet picked up a fish ball, popped it into her mouth, and said, "Wow, it tastes really good! You should try it."

She had come here not only for the cold noodles, but also for the house's secret recipe fish balls. They were very delicious!

But he simply shook his head in disgust, because the sanitary conditions of the place had affected his appetite.

He remembered when they were in the Dongcui Mountain, and if it weren't for her, he wouldn't have...

Then, a white ball was lifted near his mouth, and almost by reflex, he opened his mouth and ate it.

Janet narrowed her eyes, and expectantly looked at him. "What do you think?" she asked.

He had intended to shake his head, but when he saw the expectant look on her face, he gently nodded, and with reluctance said, "Yeah, it's not that bad."

All that she needed was just a nod of approval.

Soon, the shop was full, and someone came over to them to ask if they minded sharing the table with them.

They were sitting at a table for four, and the wall seats were free.

Janet raised her head and saw two good-looking girls, and she agreed for Daniel. "No, please, you can take them."

Daniel gave her a disapproving look while she was enjoying her food with relish, but it didn't matter, because as long as she was happy, he could do anything for her.

Their noodles were then served. As she stirred them with her chopsticks, she said, "If you don't eat, you'll be wasting my money!"

The two girls beside them secretly began to take pictures of them, but mostly of Daniel, with their phones.

Daniel noticed and gave them a sharp glance, and they immediately stopped.

He said to Janet, "Money's no problem; it can be earned again!"

Daniel's noble temperament obviously didn't fit in the little shop, and Janet suddenly felt sorry for taking him there.

'Am I going too far by forcing him?' she thought. 'Oh, wait a sec!' As she pushed the bowl of noodles towards him, she asked, "Have you ever served in the army?"

But he still had no appetite for the noodl

the CEO of the Yongcheng General Electric Company, had a mistress of his daughter's age.

As rolled off the bed, she said, "I want to find him!" She wanted to punish the bitch!

But Carol held her back, and said, "You can't do it, Sabina. Your father will be in big trouble if your uncle finds out!"

Her uncle was Ethan Yi, the Chief of the Bureau of Public Security in C Country.

"Why are you such a coward, mom. You're always defending him, " said Sabina, with a bitter contempt spilling out of her eyes.

Carol felt hurt when she saw her daughter's expression, and she said, "I'm not attached to him anymore, and I meant to get a divorce. But then, when you got divorced…"

Her split with Dylan had made huge waves around the country, and the scandal had made a major negative impact on Ethan.

If Carol had filed for divorce at such a tricky time, it would have ruined his career, and he surely would have been furious with her.

Sabina sat back on the bed. She didn't care about Dylan, about that mean man. The one who she really cared about was Daniel.

"Mom, I'm leaving here tomorrow."

When she had divorced Dylan, Daniel had found a good lawyer for her, and she had won a large sum of money from him in court.

She decided to use the money to make Janet leave Daniel.

After Daniel left the shop and got back in the car with Janet, he called Spark. "You and Miss Shirley can go back first, " he said.

"Mr. Daniel, Miss Shirley is… at the hospital." Through the open door, Spark looked at Shirley inside the treatment room.

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