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   Chapter 277 The Sanitation Here is Grossly Unqualified

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7712

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"... I don't know how to put it to you. They still had a heart. When I mentioned that I was pregnant, they let me go!"

Daniel remained silent for a while after she finished speaking, and just stared at her.

Janet couldn't tell how he felt from the complicated look in his eyes.

She wasn't even aware that he had furiously clenched his fists inside his pockets.

She gently called out to him, "Daniel..."

'What is he thinking about? It's been too long since he uttered another word!'

The man held Janet into his arms so tight that it was difficult for her to breathe.

Daniel rested his eyes on her, and in a coarse voice, said, "Don't ever leave me again."

He regretted that he hadn't been there to breathe soothing words in her ear when everything came flooding in, and that he hadn't been there when anger and frustration had gotten the best of her.

Janet should not have put up with the pain and sufferings that had ensued for her because of his stone cold heart.

It was Janet who had made Daniel feel the most indebted to.

From now on, Daniel decided that he would not allow anyone in the world to boss around Janet or make her suffer ever again.

He wasn't a true man if he ever failed in doing that again.

He felt her heart beating faster, and she felt it against his own heart, throbbing inside his chest.

She followed his overbearing dictation, with no resistance, and said, "Fine."

"Janet, " he rumbled.

The girl in his arms suddenly looked up to him, tight-lipped and aggrieved, and finally said, "Daniel."


"You don't love me any more. You used to call me Jane!" She accused him of this, because she liked it the most when he called her "Jane". That simple word, when he spoke it out loud, aroused an orgasm in her ears.

The man burst out laughing, holding her face, and touching his forehead to hers.

"Jane, I love you, " he said.

Janet was now overwhelmed with sweet joy, and put on a happy smile back on her face.

Under the tree, a lovely scenery could be seen, two lovers tenderly embracing each other.

Janet could even hear whispers around them. "The guy looks like Daniel; you know, the bossy CEO."

"Well, he does, indeed. Cute boys like him are rare to see nowadays."

"Rumour has it that he also has a daughter. The gi


Their turn to order had come. Janet came forward to order the food, and said, "Hey, boss, two bowls of cold noodles, one large and the other one small. Don't forget to add peppers to it. And a portion of marinated tofu, plus a portion of fish meatballs and one of conch meatballs."

"There you go. Anything else?"

The owner was smiling at the regular customer, who ate cold noodles every time she passed by Ginkgo Road in Z Country.

"Daniel?" She turned around and called out to the slightly frowning man.

While pointing towards the menu board, she asked, "What else do you want?"

He shook his head.

After they left the counter, the two sat facing each other in a corner. Janet placed her milk tea on the table, and said, "Oops, have I brought the wrong guy here? "

Daniel's eyebrows stretched immediately, and he complained, "The sanitation here is grossly unqualified. Aren't you afraid of going to hospital after lunch?"

Janet looked around the fully-seated shop and observed the cleanly-mopped tables and chairs, and said, "It's not that bad."

Daniel fired several cases quickly, as if it were demanded by his social upstanding, and said, "Although the bowls and chopsticks are stored in a disinfection cabinet, it isn't turned on. The waiters aren't wearing masks or clean uniforms, and neither are the windows, nor the floor, clean."

Janet looked at the disgruntled man in surprise, and she felt that Daniel was there to conduct an hygiene inspection, rather than to have and enjoy lunch with her.

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