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   Chapter 276 He Could Never Abandon Her

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7267

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Daniel rolled his eyes and said,"Do you think I'd let you take care of another man in front of me?"

He then put Janet into the car and waved to the bodyguards behind him,"Go and find out what's going on with Caspar."

"Yes, boss!" A bodyguard hurriedly went to the in-patient department.

"Are you satisfied now?" Daniel indifferently looked at the concerned woman. He thought of ways on how to completely get rid of Caspar in Janet's mind.

But Janet wasn't satisfied, she said,"Let's go back!" She would come back here tomorrow alone without Daniel.

Just when she was thinking about it, she heard Daniel warn her,"Don't you dare see Caspar alone!"


How could Daniel know what she was thinking about?

On the way back to the hotel, Daniel received a phone call from the bodyguard. "Boss, Mr. Caspar fainted because of his injuries. He was also overwhelmed by his emotions, so his body couldn't handle it. But it's nothing serious. He just needs to rest well."

"Okay, I got it."

After hanging up the phone, Daniel squinted at the woman beside him,"See? Nothing serious!"

... Daniel deliberately didn't mention about Caspar's injuries and overwhelming emotions, so Janet wouldn't worry more.

Janet lowered her head and touched her forehead, speechless. Never mind! She would come see him herself tomorrow.

On the way to the hotel, Janet was so sleepy that her head kept bobbing up and down in the car.

Daniel parked the car in the hotel, carried her into his arms, and lay her on the bed.

Consciously knowing that she was already back in the room, Janet turned over and fell into a deep sleep.

Daniel's face darkened as he was looking at her. She was this exhausted for another man named Caspar!

He had adjusted the temperature of the AC and sat on the sofa to start working.

At 6 PM

Janet slept so well that she didn't hear the man standing beside her bed call her name several times.

He jumped to bed and kissed her red lips, with his hand stretching into the quilt.

Janet couldn't breathe properly, so she woke up.

The first thing she did was to grasp the wandering hand inside the quilt. She turned her head to t

the street with growing poplar trees on both sides. She remembered the moment she was robbed in Z Country when she had only just arrived.

Janet was absent-minded for a while, and then she took out her phone and dialed a number,"Raymond, help me find a man."

"Three years ago, over there on Jianye Road, I had an encounter with a thug named Tiger. He was tall and strong; he also knew Kungfu.

Oh and there's another one... Never mind, I will find him myself."

After the conversation, Daniel looked at her with confusion.

Janet was about to tell him, but she saw the cold noodles shop, so she said,"Park the car first, and I will tell you later."

Since the shop was very small, it had no parking space. Daniel had to drive far away before finding a parking lot.

Daniel held the woman close within his arms and walked back. The man was tall and handsome, while the woman was sweet and beautiful. They certainly attracted a lot of attention.

"Now, tell me."

Janet sighed and hesitated, but she told the story. "Three years ago… When I arrived at Z Country, I was robbed by a gang and… they beat me up…"

Daniel's expression gradually became as cold as ice, with each word she said. Janet told him how she was cheated by Ferris, how she had to go to a pawnshop, and how a granny helped her.

The two had been walking on the roadside, but Daniel stopped them both on their tracks. Now, they stood under a tree, face to face.

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