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   Chapter 275 You Can Ask Them to Do Whatever You Want

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7557

Updated: 2018-09-07 16:53

Janet was not ordinary at all. She had been born into and raised by a wealthy family.

With a child in her womb, she left home to protect it. Life was tough, but she tried her best to support herself.

She had to find a job and live a frugal life. Caspar really felt sorry for her.

Later, under the instruction of Caspar's grandfather, Janet took over the Tianye Men. Caspar knew that the position was dangerous. But if he dared go against his grandfather's wishes, his grandfather wouldn't admit his mother into his family.

It was not his grandfather's fault, though. He was a person who always believed in fate. Janet showed up with the Tianye Bead, so Caspar's grandfather took it as a sign that Janet was destined to be a part of the Tianye Men.


Caspar tried his best to dissuade his grandfather, but he failed, so he gave in.

When Janet was kidnapped for the first time, he didn't blame himself for getting Janet involved. In his eyes, conflicts between factions were so common.

But things got worse. Janet was assaulted and sent to the hospital. It was not until then did he feel guilty.

He vowed to take good care of Janet and her twins to make it up for bringing her into such mess.

When Janet was kidnapped for the fourth time, he used whatever resources he had, but he still failed to trace her.

Half a year later, she was caught by the police, and Caspar bailed her out. When they met again, she looked different.

She got thinner, had learnt to smoke, and knew how to use different kinds of dangerous weapons. Even worse, she had been taking drugs.

He kept asking her what happened in those six months, but she wouldn't say a word. One could tell through her eyes that she had been through unspeakable things.

Feeling guilty for what had happened to Janet, Caspar accompanied her to a rehab center. There, she suffered nightmares. Caspar was the only one who stayed next to her and comforted her.

Janet was strong by nature. With much support from Caspar and the twins, she succeeded in getting completely sober within a few months.

"Caspar…" Janet swept her hand in front of the man who had been lost in thought.

Caspar came back to his senses. Enduring the pain from the injured arm, he reached out to

net, looking pale.

Daniel turned around and smiled, "Mr. Qiao, are you serious? My Janet needs to stay with me at home. All those outside will be standing by. You can ask them to do whatever you want. If you need more, let me know."

With that, Daniel turned back and opened the door. Then, ten women waiting outside went in one by one.

Janet had intended to argue, but was rendered speechless when she saw those women.

"Mr. Qiao, they are good at taking care of patients. You can choose whomever you like." With a quick glance, Daniel said to those women, "Go and take good care of Mr. Qiao." They immediately obeyed, walked over, and stood around the bed.

Daniel was satisfied with himself and left with Janet.

From behind, Caspar shouted, "Get out!"

The women suddenly screamed, "Ah! He fainted. Call the doctors. Hurry!"

Janet broke away from Daniel and rushed toward the ward.

Daniel strode forward and caught her, "What are you going to do? You shouldn't disturb Caspar and the women. It is not the right time for you to go back."

Janet glared at him and said, "Didn't you hear what they said? Caspar fainted! What do you mean by 'disturb them'? Are you insane?"

Daniel raised his eyebrows and nodded, "Yes, I am insane. Only you can save me."

Janet insisted on going back to check on Caspar. Daniel carried her on his shoulder and left the inpatient department.

Janet pinched his ear and said, "Put me down! I need to check on Caspar, or I wouldn't be at peace."

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