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   Chapter 273 I am Afraid That You May Cheat on Me After Our Marriage

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8227

Updated: 2018-09-07 13:03

Daniel noticed her annoyance, and he buried his face in her bosom to calm down. He later raised his head, and said, "Jane, I'm sorry that you and our child have suffered a lot in these last couple of years. Can I ever make up with you?"

He had truly felt sorry for her. All the mistakes between them were nothing compared to her sufferings.

"I also want to make up with you, but you are always mean to me and never concede to anything, " she complained.

Daniel didn't know what to say next; he should have been more gentle and warm to her. The only thing that he could do now was to apologize, and he said, "Jane, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?"

Janet looked at him and was a little stunned of what he had just said.

She knew that the man in front of herself was now apologizing to her, leaving all of his pride behind for her.

The love that she had looked forward to for a long time had finally came, and she was a little muddled at the moment.

Daniel's heart sank when he noticed her silence. He furiously said, "Janet, if you dare to think of another man..."

Jane suddenly kissed him and stopped him from uttering another single word. Daniel looked at Janet's face that was close to his, and smiled from the very bottom of his heart.

He put his right hand on the back of her head and deepened the kiss.

She was then soon put on the sofa.

"No, Daniel, no, I need to go back to the hospital now!" The man then instantly put on a long face.

"I want you! Now!" he complained.

She was the one who had kissed him in the first place, so it was natural that he couldn't control himself.

Janet was not an ignorant girl anymore, and she had instantly understood Daniel's intention from the beginning. Janet blinked her eyes and held Daniel's head, and asked, "Why do you want to make up with me? Just to satisfy your sexual desires?"

She was irritating him on purpose.

But Daniel also saw through her plan from the start. He licked and bit her lips, and then said, "You can't satisfy my desires."

She was weak, and she was unable to resist for a long time in bed with him.

Soon after they started, she would start begging him for mercy, which on the contrary, would just turn him on even more.

Daniel now tried hard to calm himself down. Janet was such a sexy woman, who was so full of charm.

"Since I can't satisfy you, then I can't make up with you. I'm afraid that you might cheat on me after our marriage." She

illage, you were making out with other women. Don't you think of yourself as being an asshole? And Janet, are you sure that you want to forgive such a mischievous playboy?"

Daniel frowned, and said, "Mr. Qiao, I never made out with any woman except Janet. It was my mistake that Janet had suffered a great deal three years ago, but it doesn't matter, because I'll take good care of them from now on."

Daniel thought that it was Janet's fault at first, but when he found out that she had suffered a lot since her leave, he decided to take full responsibility for everything that had happened.

It had been his mistake.

Caspar felt that he couldn't gain the upper hand in the argument, and he decided to ignore Daniel instead. He turned around, and asked the silent Janet, "Did you come to visit me or to make me angry?"

Janet had always felt sorry for Caspar, and she also hadn't intended to show off her sweetness with Daniel on purpose, so she quickly let go of Daniel's hand and hurried towards Caspar. She said, "I came to visit you of course. Croft, you can leave to finish your work on your computer, I can take care of Caspar from now."

When he heard Janet's words, Caspar's face looked much better.

Daniel glared at Janet, and he thought, 'When I was injured, you weren't as sad as you are now for this guy.' He then looked at Caspar, and in a cold tone, said, "Mr. Qiao, if you need any nurses, I can find many for you to choose from, but Janet will not be taking care of you, because she may not eat well nor sleep well if she stays here to take care of you. Just so you know, I won't ever let her suffer again."

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