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   Chapter 272 Don't Dream of Marrying Caspar

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6273

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Janet had thought that Daniel would be sad, or angry, but instead Daniel said nothing.

Janet ate all the food on her plate and was full.

After she wiped her mouth, she said, "Caspar did all the things that you were supposed to do in the last three years."

As he quietly drank his soup, Daniel still said nothing.

Janet looked at him carefully. But he was calm, and had no changes in his expression.


Forget about it. I have to show Daniel how nice Caspar really is!' she thought.

"After I had left C Country, and arrived into Z Country, Caspar was willing to help me during the hardest time in my life. Caspar took me to his villa, and gave me the chance to live like a princess, just like before.

He was at my side especially, when I... when I gave birth. It was him who had accompanied me, and had waited for me outside the delivery room. He was really nice to me."

Janet couldn't help but shed tears. Daniel then put down the bowl and wiped his mouth, and looked at her.

"I had problems giving birth... Because our child was big and heavy, I was in labor for eight hours." Since tears had filled her eyes, Janet wasn't sure whether Daniel really wanted to hear this.

She didn't notice that Daniel had grabbed the wine glass tight in his hand.

"Caspar had asked the doctor to give me a cesarean, but I refused."

She had thought that a mother should be strong, and after being in labor until six o'clock in tomorrow morning, she had finally given birth to the twins.

But she had lost all of her memories in the process, and she couldn't figure out why.

She didn't blame that Caspar and Croft had made her the boss of the Tianye Men.

No matter how dangerous it was, she had decided to take over the gang's leadership. She thought that this was some kind of reward for Caspar's good deeds.

"Caspar had taken care of both me, a

ny other ways to reward Caspar. If you are eager to marry a man, then it can only be me. Me, Daniel!"

Although Janet was moved, she habitually retorted him, and said, "I won't marry you!"

"Okay now, listen." He held her jaw to let her look straight into his eyes.

Daniel determinedly said, "From now on, you can only love me, and, of course, I will only love you.

I'll propose to you again!"

He would never let her go!

Janet said nothing; she wanted to refuse him, but couldn't speak out her mind.

She reminded him, "You have already proposed to me twice, and the next will be your third." Maybe they weren't a good match after all.

But Daniel kissed her, and said, "If you refuse me again, then there won't be a fourth time."

Janet felt disappointed when she heard him.

"I will skip the proposition, and then I will tie you and take you straight to the wedding. Jane, it's impossible for you to flee away from me!"

She then put her hands around his neck, and said, "Daniel, your bride must be me, right? You can't leave me, right?"

Daniel blushed, and replied, "You can't leave me neither! Your husband can be only me."

... Janet curled her lips, and thought, 'How stubborn he is! I won't receive his proposal!'

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