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   Chapter 271 I'm Not Your Wife

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7039

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He kissed her again. Janet almost couldn't breathe.


Hearing their love sounds, the bodyguard moved away from their room three or four feet more.

The bodyguard thought, 'Boss Si must be really good in bed! I can hear them even through the presidential suite's soundproofed walls!'

Daniel kept Janet in bed for the whole afternoon and early evening until 9 pm, and when he was finally finished with her, she fell asleep in an instant, exhausted.

Daniel walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bathing towel, and he looked at the sleeping woman on the bed and happily smiled. 'Now she belongs to me, ' he thought.

Janet woke up in the late morning, and it was a bright and sunny day outside.

Looking at sunlight outside, she suddenly sat up. 'For how long was I asleep?' she wondered.

She looked around, but nobody was beside her.

She then reached for her phone on the other side of the bed, but she was too weak to even pick it up.

When she grabbed it and raised it to look at it, the phone slipped from her hand and dropped on her head.

'My phone was turned off. No wonder that I've been asleep for so long, no one was able to wake me, ' she thought.

When she switched it on, she found many missed calls.

Almost all of them were Croft's calls, one was an unknown phone number, which had tried contacting her three times, and another call had come from Spark.

At about 10 am, Janet took a bath.

An hour later, after she had bathed and walked out, she found two handbags on the table, inside which there were new clothes.

Janet was used to wearing the new clothes bought by Daniel, and she quickly put on a high-collared sleeveless blouse, and a pair of black bloomers.

She also wore on her feet a pair of white high-heeled sandals encrusted with two crystal diamonds.

Her outfit was simple, and neat.

She was very hungry and went to the door, but the door bell started ringing.

She opened the door, and a bodyguard stood in front of her.

He politely said, "Miss Shao, Boss Si is in the restaurant on the top floor, and is waiting for you; I can es

net almost choked on her glass of juice.

She put down the glass and curiously looked at Daniel, and asked, "Are you sick?" Janet wondered, 'Otherwise, why did he decide to cancel the engagement and apologize to me?'

"I'm fine, but thanks for your concern."


'I'm not worrying about you!' thought Janet. She asked, "What's your business in Z Country?"

Janet didn't know that he had partnered with some companies in Z Country.

"I'm planning to build some branches of my company here." He had come there to learn about the local business conditions.


Janet looked at Daniel, and it seemed that building branches was the simplest thing for him.

"You already have enough branches." According to what she knew, Daniel had more than one hundred company branches worldwide!

Daniel said, "That's true, but in order to see my wife and children, I have to build more." 'You and my daughter are always in Z Country.'


"I'm not your wife!" After she said this, Janet blushed, and then lowered her head to continue eating her food.

Daniel didn't retort, but instead said, "After you finish your meal, let's go to the hospital."

"What? Why?" asked Janet.

"Why did you go there?" asked Daniel.

"Oh, I had to take care of Caspar." The reason why Janet had come to Z Country was to look after Caspar. She didn't want to be engaged in the Tianye Men's other affairs.

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