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   Chapter 269 Daddy is Going to Z Country Tomorrow

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But if they had observed her face more carefully, they would have seen that Shirley was heavily gritting her teeth, and that her fingers had been tucked deep into her coat's pockets.

On the fourth day of Caspar's coma, there was finally a sign indicating that he would soon wake up. All the while, Janet had kept looking after him by his side.

Janet noticed when he slowly started to open his eyes.

She was so thrilled that she stood up from her chair, and cried, "Caspar! Caspar! Are you awake now?"

Caspar grinned, and slowly nodded to her; he was happy that the first person that he saw was Janet.

"Are you thirsty? Let me help you with some water, " said Janet.

Caspar nodded his head again.

Before she gave him water, Janet pressed the calling button for the nurse. While she was tapping his lips with a wet cotton bud, the doctors and nurses came in.

She put down the glass of water and stepped back, afraid that she might interfere with the doctors' check on Caspar.

But her hand was then gripped by a big palm.

In a hoarse voice, Caspar said to her, "Please, don't go away!"

Janet's heart trembled, and she nodded to him.

After a couple of minutes, the doctors finished their checks, and said, "The patient is out of danger now, and just needs to recover from his wounds. Just take good care of him, and he'll be alright."

Janet nodded to the doctors.

Then she carefully listened to their instructions on what they should be cautious about.

There were a lot of matters that needed attending to, and some of them were even more tormenting than those of her confinement during her childbirth.

After the doctors and nurses left, Janet said in a tender voice, "Please let go of my hand first, I have to call grandpa Dillon and the others. They're all worried sick about you."

Caspar nodded and loosened his grip on her.

Janet then made a call to Dillon and Croft, and when dusk came, the patient's room was again crowded with people.

When they saw that Caspar had really waken up from his coma, all of them finally felt more relaxed, Dillon especially, instantly returning to his crazy and wild character from before.

Everybody felt speechless, and they doubted that Dillon had done it on purpose.

The night grew darker, and soon all became quiet. Caspar was still weak, and he fell asleep early.

Janet had laid down on the bed beside him, and when she was also about to fall asleep, her phone suddenly rang; it was a video call on her WeChat.

Because she had stayed in the patient's room for the last couple of days, she had turned down the volume on her phone.

But the video

r was sound sleep, and Janet felt relieved, and lay down on the bed beside him.

Inside Mansion No. 9, Daniel had now finally found out why Janet had suddenly hurried back to Z Country!

It was because that man named Caspar had been wounded! She had flown a long way to take care of him!

This made Daniel very furious...

The following afternoon, all the other people came back to the hospital again. Janet heard that Hobson was still in coma, and that his grandfather, Alex, was very angry and had declared a war against the Tianye Men.

Janet had initially wanted to take this opportunity to give the leadership of the Tianye Men to Caspar, but then she thought that the Black Moon gang might do something bad to the Tianye Men in the following days.

Janet had to put off the idea of returning the leadership for a while.

At dusk, Susy came to look after Caspar instead of Janet. Actually, Caspar had wanted Janet to keep him company.

But Janet had been looking after him ever since she had come to Z Country. He couldn't be so selfish, and it was time for her to have a well deserved rest.

Janet saw Caspar finishing his dinner, and then left the hospital.

As soon as she came out of the hospital, her phone rang. Standing in the corridor of a hotel, Daniel asked in a scornful tone, "You finally left his side and came out of the hospital!"


'Oh, my god!' Janet instantly looked around her and checked the surroundings.

But, except her bodyguards, she couldn't see anyone looking suspicious.

'But how did he know that I just stepped out the hospital now?' wondered Janet.

She coldly replied, "Mr. Si, what's up?"

"Room 1836 in the Northton Grand Hotel, at the central city garden. Come here, now!" ordered Daniel.

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