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   Chapter 268 Is Our CEO So Afraid of Janet

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 9403

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It was the same as what had happened to Kate three years ago. Kate also was willing to act as one of Daniel's strategic pieces in order to get what she wanted.

But, played as pieces on his chessboard, they should have known their position and rank.

They should have known better about the things that they could have gotten, and the things that they could have never even asked for!

Since Melody was pretty anxious, and had even come to his company, Daniel now thought that he had to handle Shirley's affair as soon as possible, to reassure the elder that he was indeed serious and that he knew what he was doing.

If Shirley decided to focus all of her attention on her work from now on, he would give her a proper good ending for her contribution.

Otherwise, he wouldn't show any kind of benevolence to her.

Melody didn't blame Daniel for his cruel heart, because she believed that it was better for a man to be resolved and decisive when the time came, than to be unsettled.

"There's one more thing that I need you to explain, " said Melody. She looked at the handsome and impressive man next to her, and thought that her dear Janet really had a good eye, and had picked up the right man for her.

"Yes? Please, ask me, " said Daniel.

"Last time when Jane came to pick up your child at the old house, I also saw you there, but you didn't get out of the car. Why? Why did you have to hide yourself in the car?" This was Melody's last question.

Daniel then burst into laughter, and replied, "Great grandmother, it's not me who didn't want to go in, but your dear great granddaughter didn't allow me to enter. We had even argued about it outside on that day. I'm as confused as you are, but maybe in her eyes, I'm... not honorable enough to show up in public with her..."

As soon as he finished his words, Miss Qin, who was on the opposite side to them, almost choked and suffocated on a sip of tea.

'Daniel Si is not honorable enough to show up in public? Oh, my god! If that were true, I wonder who else in the world would be honorable enough for her!' thought Miss Qin.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that!" Miss Qin apologized to them in a low voice, and then took out a tissue to wipe the tea that had dropped on her clothes.

Daniel cast a cold stare at her, but Melody saved Miss Qin from her embarrassment, and she said, "Stop staring, it's not the young girl's fault. Anyone would be laughing if they were to hear you say that you're not honorable enough! Huh, what a joke! If anyone ever dares to say that, I'll be the first one to disagree with him, or her!"

Miss Qin was moved, and then looked at Melody. She now believed that the Si family and Shao family really were a match made in heaven. 'These two families are made up of only good and kind people, and that's

and welfare as you are."

Spark had now wanted to cry, and thought that his boss was being partial to Miss Qin! He was the one who had acted as his personal keeper, and had taken care of everything!

Miss Qin was thrilled with joy, and she delivered her thanks at once. "Mr. Si, thank you very much! You won't regret it!"

The elevator opened, and when he saw Daniel walk out of it, Spark murmured, "Be careful; I might tell Janet that you are now being partial to the female staff!"

Daniel then suddenly stopped walking.

Instantly, Spark became frightened and shivered; he hastily explained, "Mr. Si, I just..."

But Daniel cut in, and said, "Mr. Spark, you are always active and very responsible with your work. Your salary will be increased by one-third."

Hearing him, Spark was so excited that he almost fell off of his feet. He said, "Mr. Si... Are you sure...? You're not kidding me?"

Then a sharp killing stare was cast onto him. "What? You don't want it?" asked Daniel.

Spark instantly shook his head, and replied, "No, I do want it! Thank you very much, Mr. Si!" 'Am I a fool? It would be impossible for me to refuse a raise!' thought Spark.

Then, Miss Qin kept a distance from Daniel from behind, and in a low voice whispered to Spark, "Is our CEO so afraid of Janet?"

When he heard her, Spark realized that he had just threatened Daniel with the words 'be careful, I might tell Janet...'

Spark then burst into laughter, and thought, 'I know my boss's weakness now!

Could I really take advantage of his weakness and threaten him more often from now on? Aha... ha...'

When Daniel returned to his office, he called in Shirley.

After a few minutes, Shirley then came out of the office, wearing her usual peaceful face. Nobody knew what Daniel had told her inside the office.

And of course, no one dared to ask about it either.

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