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   Chapter 267 I would've Destroyed the Wedding Ceremony Myself

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 9738

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She heard that Mrs. Lola was speaking in a courteous way over the phone, which proved that the old lady was indeed someone in a high place of esteem. The female receptionist now felt lucky and relieved that she hadn't offended her.

"Okay, grandma, please wait a moment, I'm calling Daniel right now!" said Lola.

Hanging up, Melody didn't say anything else. But the receptionist was now even more afraid of displeasing her, and she immediately served her tea and started chatting with her.

At that time, Daniel was having a meeting on the 22nd floor, but when he received Lola's call, he instantly dismissed it.

Then, together with Spark and another two secretaries, Daniel picked up his pace and headed to the building's ground floor.

"Hello, Mr. Si!"

"Good morning, Mr. Si!"

"Hello, Mr. Si!"

... All the workers they met greeted Daniel, one by one.

After about three minutes, the female receptionist saw Daniel appear on the ground floor. She felt even more lucky that she hadn't offended the old lady. "Hello, Mr. Si!"

Daniel nodded to the receptionist. He then walked up to Melody, and with a deep respect, said, "Dear great grandma, why have you come here?"

When she saw Daniel there, Melody became angry and tapped the ground with her crutch. Ignoring his status before the other workers, she scolded him in a stern voice, "Why wouldn't I come here? If I hadn't come, were you still going to keep wasting Jane's time?"

Spark looked at the expensive sandalwood crutch, and his heart trembled with Melody's each tap; he was worried that hundreds of dollars might be destroyed in an instant because of her powerful tapping on the floor.

Her words dumbfounded everyone present around them. Some of the passing-by staff even changed the direction they were heading to, confused.

They couldn't believe that the old lady had the nerve to talk with their boss like that.

Daniel understood that Melody just wanted to protect Janet, and he didn't become angry; instead, he put on a smile, and said, "Great grandmother, please don't be angry with me. Come on, let me escort you to my office."

Under everyone's shocked looks, Daniel personally raised Melody from the sofa and led her to the elevator.

The receptionist took one more careful look at Melody. She was determined to keep her face in her mind at all times, in case she ever forgot about it when she came back next time.

Spark was amused to see the other people's incredible looks on their faces. He didn't feel shocked at all. That was because he had known quite well that this was actually Mr. Si's beloved woman's great grandmother and that he, of course, had to make her happy at all costs!

Miss Qin pushed the CEO's exclusive elevator door button. When Melody and Daniel entered it, Spark and the other secretaries took the other one next to it.

On the 88th floor

When the other secretaries in the de

if Janet hadn't had come back at that moment?" She grabbed the tea cup in her hands and smelled it's steam.

The gentle art of enjoying tea was to smell its aroma first, taste its flavor next, and in the end feel the traces it left behind it.

Melody had to admit that this was really some good top shelf quality tea.

After Melody enjoyed her cup of tea, Daniel opened his mouth to answer her. He said, "If Jane hadn't had showed up at that very moment, I would've destroyed the wedding ceremony myself." 'Then I would have searched for her all over the world, and give her a heavy punch.

Even if it had taken my whole life to search for her, I still wouldn't have given up!

Luckily, she's back now...' thought Daniel, while grinning a smile.

"But didn't you mind hurting Shirley Zheng in the process?" Melody put down the empty tea cup. She was very satisfied with Daniel's answer, and she thought that indeed she had kept a good eye on him!

When she mentioned Shirley, the look in Daniel's eyes became cold, and said, "She approached me by her own free will, and she didn't care a bit about her friendship with Jane. Why should I care her feelings?"

He had clearly seen how well had Janet treated Shirley in the past and what she had done for her.

But Shirley shouldn't have betrayed her best friend for a man who didn't love her at all. Daniel didn't have or feel a speck of pity or guilt for such a woman.

Melody asked with curiosity, "I guess that she should have already known that she would be one of your chess pieces on your board, right?"

She wanted to probe further, and see if Daniel had any sort of mercy on Shirley.

"Yes, and she had been, and still is, well aware about my love for Jane. But she was still willing to become my pawn, and I guess that's the life that she chose to live!" Daniel spoke to Melody all of these words in a peaceful tone, and devoid of any emotions in them whatsoever.

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