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   Chapter 266 You Need to Schedule An Appointment to See Mr. Si

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The doctors and nurses then went away one by one, and eventually, there was only one doctor left in the patient's room that operated the medical equipment.

Croft stood beside the doctor, and asked about Caspar's current condition.

The doctor told him in a relaxed tone that Caspar's health was gradually recovering to normal, and that there was a great chance that he could even wake up before midnight.

If he would wake up, he could be transferred to the intensive care unit instead.

Hearing what the doctor said, they all felt more relaxed.

Around two o'clock in the morning, Caspar was transferred to an exclusive intensive care patient's room.

The oxygen mask and the tubes still hadn't been removed from his body. Croft failed to persuade Janet to go to sleep, so he had to arrange for more bodyguards to guard the patient room's door.

At around three o'clock, Croft asked Janet to rest for a while, and told her that he would watch over Caspar until she woke up.

Janet had seldom stayed awake overnight, and she was feeling really drowsy. She lay down on the spare bed beside Caspar, and fell sound asleep very soon.

She didn't wake up until seven o'clock in the morning.

When she woke up, she saw there were already a lot of other people in the patient's room.

All of them were the other leaders of the Tianye Men. When they saw Janet waking up, they all greeted her.

Caspar still hadn't awaken from his coma and regained his consciousness.

Janet then walked into the bathroom and quickly washed her face.

After she washed, she came out of the bathroom, and at the same time, Sherry had arrived in the room, carrying some breakfasts in her hands. When she saw Janet, she greeted her and asked her to have breakfast.

Sherry had been in Green Cold Country when Caspar was in danger yesterday, and she had hastily returned that morning.

Because Caspar was still in a coma, Janet didn't have much of an appetite, and just drank a little soybean milk.

In the patient's room, everyone was wearing depressed and worried looks on their faces. Boswell and Croft had started to discuss about how they should take their revenge on the Black Moon gang.

The Black Moon had always done many evil and criminal deeds, but now they had sparked a direct conflict with Caspar and had hurt him, which infuriated everyone in the Tianye Men.

At lunch time, Mrs. Xue, the housekeeper in Caspar's mansion, brought hem some food, and also some clothes for Janet to change into.

In the afternoon, Croft left the hospital to deal with other affairs, and left some bodyguards to patrol outside the patient's room. Janet then looked after Caspar by herself.

She took a basin of warm water from the bathroom and washed his face and hands.

When she finally had some free time to take a rest, she suddenly remembered that her phone had been switched off since the day

nother time!"

Melody squinted at her, but she understood that that was her duty, and she didn't want to bring her any trouble.

She said, "Please wait a moment. I'll call Lola then!" She didn't have Daniel's phone number, but she had Lola's and Harry's numbers instead.

Harry was always busy, and she didn't want to bother him, so she decided to call Lola.

When the receptionist heard that the old lady was going to call Mrs. Lola, the female worker took a deep breath and wondered who on earth she really was.

As far as she knew, Mr. Si didn't have a grandmother or great grandmother.

But, as she had already understood, the old lady had a strong status, and the receptionist immediately invited Melody to sit back on the sofa.

When Melody sat back on the sofa, her call was connected, and Lola's happy voice was heard coming from the other side of the line. "Hello, grandma!" she said. "What's up? Are you free now?"

"Yes, Lola, I've come to see Daniel, but they won't allow me to go in because of their... what do you call them, company rules! They said that I need to make an appointment, but I don't have Daniel's number..." answered Melody.

"Grandma, take it easy. Where're you now? Why didn't tell me in advance? I would have asked Daniel to pick you up himself!" said Lola. Lola had already known the reason why Melody had gone to see Daniel.

But she didn't intend to intervene in that affair. She thought that if Grandma Melody could offer her help in solving the two kids' problems, then that would be excellent!

"I'm at the ground floor of his company right now as we speak! There's a young girl keeping company with me here!" Melody's tone wasn't as stern as it was earlier, and it seemed just like she was talking to her own child.

Because Melody's phone was a special phone made for old people, the speaker's voice was loud, and the female worker clearly heard each one of Lola's words.

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