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   Chapter 265 She Had Some Bastard's Baby

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7915

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Raymond was waiting for Janet beside the car. He said, "Miss Janet, where do you want to go first?"

Without hesitation, Janet said, "The hospital."


They then got in the car and headed towards the hospital.

After all the Bentley cars had left, a man who was standing behind a nearby corner dialed a number on his phone. "Boss, Janet has arrived in Z Country. Somebody just picked her up from the airport earlier."

"Follow her. If you get the chance, bring her back safe, " said the man on the other end of the line.

The man immediately replied, "Yes, boss!"

On the way to the hospital, Janet asked one of the bodyguards in the front seat, "How is Caspar feeling now?"

The bodyguard honestly answered, "When we left the hospital, he is still in the emergency room."

"I see, " said Janet. She bowed her head, and prayed that Caspar would eventually turn out to be fine.

Half an hour later, when Janet arrived at the hospital, Dillon was quietly sitting on the long chair outside the emergency room.

Susy was standing beside him with bloodshot eyes; she must have cried a lot.

Janet also noticed a pool of blood on the floor.

Although it might not have necessarily been Caspar's blood, her intuition still kicked in.

Susy saw Janet first. "Miss Janet, " she greeted her.

Janet nodded at Susy, and then walked to Dillon and greeted him as well.

Dillon raised his head when he heard Janet's voice, and in a hoarse voice, said, "You've come, Janet."

Janet had felt very bad for what had happened, and heavily nodded her head. Dillon could sometimes be out of his mind, but Janet was aware that he now had a well restored state of mind in the current situation.

Janet asked, "Is he still in the emergency room?"

Susy answered, "Yes. It's been over six hours now."

After she heard Susy reply to her question, Janet's heart sunk in an instant.

Then Croft also arrived. He had rushed back to the hospital after he had changed his clothes.

Janet walked up to him, and asked, "Croft, what happened?"

Croft looked at Janet with a pair of weary eyes, and then took her outside. He lit a cigarette, and said, "Janet, did you encounter someone coming from the Black Moon Gang?"

Janet immediately thought of Hobson, and said, "I did, in C Country. I ran into a couple of them when I was hiking."

Croft remaine

s already night. What did he mean by tonight?

Janet repeated, "Tonight is crucial?"

The doctor thought for a second, and said, "If he can make it by midnight..."

Janet nodded her head, and then rushed to the ICU.

The ICU was a sterile environment, and Caspar was in a critical state. Beside the doctors and nurses, no one was allowed to enter the ICU.

Dillon stood in front of the window with his walking cane, and he looked at Caspar through it with an expressionless face.

"Grandpa Dillon, it's late, you should get some rest now. I'll call you if something happens, " said Janet. She felt very guilty after she heard what had happened. Hobson was disgusting, but If she had not confronted him face to face, Caspar might have probably not ended up in the ICU now.

Dillon reluctantly nodded his head.

Susy then came over and walked Dillon to the elevator.

Janet was standing in the same place as Dillon was, and also looked at Caspar through the window. He was laying peacefully in the bed.

Why hadn't she been the target?

She would not have been feeling guilty if she had been the one that had gotten shot.

As the clock ticked further away into the night, Croft told Janet to get some rest, but Janet refused.

Together, they stayed there, with Caspar.

It was almost midnight, and several doctors and nurses went into the ICU dressed in their sterile gowns.

Janet saw that they were doing all kinds of medical examinations on him, but she did not understand what the data on the equipment meant, whether it brought good, or bad news.

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