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   Chapter 264 Mind your Own Business

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8106

Updated: 2018-09-06 15:37

Although Bill had decided not to love Janet anymore, he still felt upset when she rushed to see another man.

Janet was in a complete panic, and she had to tell herself to calm down. She took a deep breath, and said, "Okay, be careful on the road. I'm going back home to pack up some stuff."

After they split up, Janet drove back to The Royal Mansion Neighborhood in a haste.

She packed up some clothes at random after she fixed everything needed for the twins; she then rushed to the airport.

On her way to the airport, Janet received many messages, and all were from Angela, who was sending pictures in a group on WeChat.

Janet's phone kept beeping, and the messages that she received were all from the same group chat.

Angela left these messages, followed by a couple of hundreds of pics, "Sorry, guys. I forgot to send you the pics, I took some really good ones. Here, you can go through them."

There were now hundreds of pictures in the group chat sent by Angela.

Janet went through them one by one starting from the bottom. Angela had taken many pictures of her and Daniel. There were sunrise pictures, in which Janet and Daniel were kissing.

Besides, Daniel was carrying her on his back, she was wiping the sweat for him, she was picking food for him... Angela had caught all of these moments with her phone.

Sally picked out a picture in which they were kissing, and sent it out again, with the words, "It's beautiful."

It really was; Angela had taken the picture at exactly the right angle, when the sun was rising, and they were kissing. It looked pretty sweet.

Janet saved the kissing picture unconsciously and used it as her phone's screen saver.

She had also saved the pictures in which Daniel was carrying her on his back. She saw all of them and saved them one by one.

Meanwhile, Angela notified Daniel that he should send her a red envelope to thank her for the beautiful pictures that she had taken.

Daniel was having a meeting when his phone beeped. He frowned, and checked it.

There were more than 99 messages in their group chat. He went through the messages and noticed that most of them were pictures took by Angela at Dongcui Mountain.

Shirley kept looking at Daniel after he took out his phone. Daniel was frowning, before he even read the messages, but he seemed pleased when he went through them. He then stared at his phone smiling.

Daniel noticed Ange

sage. Did he mean that he thought that she had cheated on him?

Because the plane was about to take off, Janet quickly replied to him, "I am single now, and I can go wherever and whenever I want to, and I can also meet whoever I want to. Mind your own business."

Daniel replied to her using one simple word, "Single?"

What did he mean by that? Janet was confused, she truly was single. She was more than that, she was a single mother with two children.

"What do you mean by that?" replied Janet. This time, Daniel did not reply to her message.

Everyone else in the group chat seemed to have some kind of understanding of the whole situation, but no one said anything else. There was no reply coming from Daniel, and Janet had turned off her phone right before the plane had taken off ground.

A few hours later, Janet got off the plane, and Raymond came to pick her up with several bodyguards. He was one of the leaders in Tianye Men, and he was under Croft's subordination.

Outside the gates of the airport

There were several black Bentley cars at the side of the street that had aroused some attention.

Janet stood outside the gate of the airport, staring at the cars. She was wearing a pair of sun glasses, and it brought her back to the the old days. Four years ago, she had just come back to C Country from America.

Daniel had picked her up on that very day, and he had also come to the airport with several cars. But back then, she did not know much about him, and she was still friends with Shirley...

Janet hid all of these emotions behind the sunglasses and got inside the car.

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