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   Chapter 263 Something's Happened to Caspar

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8277

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Daniel was staring at her, and said, "I'm asking you!"

"You answer me first!" said Janet.

She would not say it unless he did first.

'Why won't she say that she loves me? Maybe she doesn't.' thought Daniel... He felt disappointed in her and let her go.

He thought of the phone recording between Shirley and her, when Janet had said that she could fall in love with anyone else in the world but him.

"You should go, " said Daniel.

He fixed his shirt, walked past Janet with a stone face, and then walked straight to Melissa. He sat on the bed and stared at Melissa's sleeping face.

"I'm taking my daughter with me, " said Janet stubbornly.

For a while in the room, it was quiet. "Impossible, " said Daniel.


Janet remained silent, and stared at Daniel from behind for several minutes. She then walked out of the room.

This did not mean that she had given up on Melissa. She knew that she would take her back when she got the chance.

The SL Group was filled with Daniel's minions, and there was no chance that she could leave with Melissa discreetly. She had also been afraid that Melissa would get hurt while they were fighting.

On the next morning, Janet drove Michelle from Leroy Manor to the old house.

Daniel dropped Melissa off right after Janet had just left with Michelle.

Lola and Harry were very happy, since Melissa had come to their house not long after Michelle had just left. This way, they could spend time with both of their grandchildren.

Daniel looked at the toys on the stairs, and felt confused.

Harry noticed that Daniel kept looking at the toys, and explained, "Sally was here with her son, but they just left."

That was actually true; they had just left along with Janet and Michelle.

Janet was a little depressed when she arrived there. It took Lola quite a while to get Janet to finally tell her what had happened to her, and it turned out that she and Daniel had had a fight, again.

Lola was angry about what Daniel had done. Daniel was very good at business, but when it came to relationships, he was a complete... disaster.

Daniel's confusion cleared when he was told that Kerr had been there.

'But, when did Kerr start playing with dolls?

This doll was my daughter's favorite toy...' wondered Daniel.

A voice suddenly interrupted him from his pondering. "Why is Shirley back to your office again?" asked Lola.

When he heard the name Shirley, Daniel turned around and started to w

unch there, ' said Janet to herself.

"Jane, What are you looking at? Your phone is ringing, can't you hear it?" Bill looked across the street, and he saw only a restaurant there.

If it hadn't been for her phone call, he would have asked her to have lunch with him there.

He decided to ask her for lunch after she finished speaking.

Janet took out the phone from her bag; it was Croft.

"Hey, Croft..." said Janet.

On the other end of the phone, Croft was looking at the blood on the floor outside the Emergency Room. He shouted in the phone, "Something's happened to Caspar!"

"What's happened?" asked Janet worriedly. Her heart raced.

"He was shot! Five shots!" answered Croft.

Five shots!

Janet was scared, and almost dropped the phone out of her hand. "How is he now? Is he alright?" asked Janet anxiously.

Croft was covered in Caspar's blood; he sat on a chair outside the hospital's emergency room, and said, "He's not doing good, Janet."

Croft was telling the truth.

"The reason I'm calling is to ask you to come here for him. Caspar loves you, I just want you by his side when he's fighting for his life."

Janet bit her lips hard, and said, "I know. I'll book the flight right now."

She owed Caspar her life, and she would definitely not leave him alone when he needed her the most.

She then hastily hung up the phone. Before Bill could say anything, she quickly said, "Bill, I must fly to Z Country, something bad has happened to my friend. Let me drive you home first."

Bill had overheard their conversation, and said, "Jane, you don't need to worry about me. You just go, I can order a taxi."

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