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   Chapter 262 I'll Divorce You the Following Day After

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8363

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When she saw them arguing with each other, Janet was furious. "Daniel Si, do you want to punish her, or not?"

Daniel put out his cigarette butt and looked at Janet. "Go and grab the dagger out of my bottom desk drawer, " he said.

Janet stared at him confused. 'He hasn't punished Sabina after he stays here for a long while and he now even orders me about!'

Sabina was very frightened, and asked, "Daniel, why do you need the dagger for?"

'Is he going to use it to... kill me?' thought Sabina. She was so scared that she squatted down on the ground in terror.

When Janet saw Sabina looking so frightened, she quickly ran towards the drawer to fetch the dagger. Inside the drawer were several documents, a gun, and a dagger.

She thought that if Daniel didn't have the heart to punish Sabina, she would use that gun to kill... both of them.

After Janet placed the dagger on the desk, Daniel stood up from the sofa and took off his coat.

To Janet and Sabina's amazement, he took the dagger in his hand and quickly made a few scratches on the business suit, ruining it.

"From now on, you, Sabina Fan, have nothing to do with me!" He then threw the coat into the trash.

After that, Daniel sheathed the dagger and called Miss Qin to come in the office.

"Tell me what happened?" asked Daniel.

Miss Qin honestly told him everything that had happened in complete detail.

After she finished, everyone in the office was silent. Spark carried Melissa in his arms and hid in the office's resting room, afraid to come out.

Sabina stood up, ran to Daniel and hugged him. She began to cry, and said, "Daniel, I'm sorry, forgive me! From now on, I'll try my best to get rid of my bad temper!"

Daniel didn't push Sabina right away, and instead looked at Janet.

With an inscrutable face, Janet looked stunned and paralyzed, and didn't even have the impulse to pull Sabina away from Daniel.

She had once stood in front of Kate and had aggressively challenged her, but now she was petrified, without taking any sort of action.

Daniel got distressed, and pushed Sabina away. "Get away!" he shouted.

Sabina was totally helpless, and squatted down on the ground. She cried, "Daniel!"

"Shut up!"

Daniel coldly looked at her, and said, "I'll tell you one more time, apologize to Miss Qin!"

When she thought better, that in the future she would eventually have to depend on Daniel, she obeyed him straight away.

Sabina stood up from the floor, and reluctantly said to

ng? I've told you already that I don't have her in my heart anymore!" said Daniel.

"Don't scold me! Daniel Si, you're such a bastard.... Humph!" While she was speaking, Daniel had lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Janet couldn't breath, because his kiss was too domineering.

He put his hands, which he had used to grasp her wrists earlier, on her back and waist, and held her as tight as he could.

When Janet was just about to suffocate, Daniel stopped kissing her. He held her face in his hands, and furiously warned her, "Janet Shao, believe it or not, but I'm going to take you to the the Civil Affairs Bureau right now! I won't allow you to leave me anymore!"

If it was possible, he would have waited for her until she was willing to go with him to the the Civil Affairs Bureau. He didn't want to force her to do something that she didn't want to!

"If you want to go there, I can go with you!" When he heard her, Daniel held her wrist and walked towards the resting room's door.

Janet felt a little shocked at what he had just said, and wondered if he really wanted to go there in that moment.

She spoke panicked, "If you dare to get a marriage license with me today, I'll divorce you the following day after!"


Daniel turned his head to look at her, with a malicious expression gleaming in his eyes. When she saw his expression, Janet froze with fear.

He released her wrists and raised her chin, and asked, "Janet Shao, do you love me?"


Janet was a little stunned by what he said, and wondered why he asked this question all of a sudden.

She replied to him with the same question, "What about you? Do you love me?"

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