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   Chapter 261 What a Father You are

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 5761

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Miss Qin had never believed that Janet would go easy on anybody who had dared bully her own daughter.

"Who did that to you?" asked Janet, after seeing the prints on Miss Qin's face.

Miss Qin shook her head, and said, "I'm fine, but I can't let her bully our little princess!"

Seeing her mom, Melissa soon stopped crying.

"Mommy, it's her! She's the one!" Melissa pointed at Sabina, with her arms around Janet's neck.

Janet lovingly wiped the tears off Melissa's face. "Okay, baby, don't cry."

She then walked to Sabina and slapped her.

Sabina was shocked.

However, before she could even realize what had just happened, Janet slapped her again over the other side of her face.

The secretaries were frozen by the sound of the two loud slaps.

Miss Qin then pulled Melissa in her arms, so that she wouldn't see what was going on in the office.

Janet dialed a number on her cellphone and Spark hastily came over to her.

He was very worried, but when he saw Melissa, he felt slightly relieved.

But he could still sense that something was terribly wrong.

Daniel was in a meeting when his mobile started vibrating.

Seeing the caller's name, he decided to take it.

"Daniel! Is this how you look after your kid? Your kid's been beaten up in your own company's building and you don't even know about it! What a father you are!" Hearing the word "beaten up", the look in Daniel's eyes was afire.

"Where did it happen?" After he finished his phone call, he quickly walked out of the meeting room.

The executives were puzzled, and were wondering what had happened.

Janet then hung up. The room was so quiet that one could even hear a needle drop on the floor. Nobody had ever yelled at

I pushed her away. Look, look at my hand!"

She extended her hand and there were, indeed, bite marks on it.

"Why did she bite you?" asked Daniel coldly.

She innocently replied, "I don't know. I was talking with your secretary. Then she came up to me and bit me."

He asked again, "Who hit Miss Qin?"

"She was not only framing me for stealing confidential files out of your office, but also disrespected me, so I lost my temper with her. But look, I was also slapped by her!"

She viciously pointed at Janet, who was standing in the office, calmly.

Daniel looked at Sabina, feeling he had known so little about this malicious woman.

Miss Qin had worked with him for years; she would've been the last person who would've disrespected others. Unlike Sabina was.

"You deserved it, " said Daniel.

Sabina was stunned; she thought that she might have misheard him.

"Go and apologize to Miss Qin!" None of his employees could be bullied!

'Apologize to a secretary? Are you kidding me?'

"No!" Sabina shook her head. "She tried to frame me first! She also forbade me to go into your office. Why should I apologize to her?"

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