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   Chapter 260 Why will You Become My Stepmother

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8981

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'The Si family's genes are really strong!' thought the staff there.

The little girl was standing there with her hands on her hip, threatening them, "If you don't tell me, I'll tell my daddy that you are bullying me!"

... They all felt speechless at her words, and wondered whether Mr Si's little princess was really two years old!

None of them replied to Melissa's question. She then went toward the door, but one of the designers there hastily grabbed her by her hand, and said, "Your daddy found a stepmother for you! She's at the 88th floor, and her name is Shirley Zheng. Dear baby, I've already told you all about it. Please don't tell your father that we've bullied you, okay?"

The little girl rolled her eyes instantly, and then she giggled, and patted the designer's hand. She reassured her, and said, "Don't worry! Sister, you look beautiful. I won't tell my daddy!"


This wimpy kid had really changed her face fast! They thought that the girl might actually have the potential talent to become a famous actress some day.

The designer was happy to be praised as being beautiful.

Melissa then scanned around the designer's department, but she didn't find Spark anywhere. She then ran out of the department herself.

The whole SL Group staff had known by now about the girl, and on her way to the 88th floor, a lot of people greeted and helped her.

Melissa went to the elevator's door, and a worker helped her press the button that went up to the 88th floor.

At the 88th floor

Melissa had just ran out of the elevator and walked into the secretary department. She was acting just like an adult, with her arms crossed in front of her chest, and her lips curled. She asked the secretaries working there, "Who is Shirley Zheng?"

Shirley then stood up from her seat and looked at Melissa. When she saw her, she began feeling distressed.

She had known that this girl was Janet and Daniel's child.

But this girl was too lovely, and she didn't hate her at all. She answered her, "I'm Shirley. Baby, what's up with you up here?"

Melissa crooked her finger to her. Then, the other secretaries burst into laughter, and wondered what this wimpy kid was actually going to do.

Shirley walked up to Melissa, and while crouching, she looked at her with a smile on her face. She greeted her, "Hello!"

Melissa scanned Shirley from head to toe. Finally, she seemed to reach a conclusion, and said, "You're not in your best shape, and you aren't half as pretty as my mommy. Why will you become my stepmother?"

Hearing Melissa's words about Shirley becoming her stepmother, the other secretaries didn't feel surprised at all, because they had all k

man in order to help her, so she hastily went to her, and held up the little girl in her arms.

"Where did this damn kid come from? You dare bite me, you brat!" yelled Sabina. She looked at the teeth markings on her hand, and intended to teach Melissa a lesson.

Miss Qin stepped back and stared at Sabina, and asked her, "Is there anything wrong in your brain? How could you want to hit an innocent kid? Do you know who's child this is?"

Miss Liu anxiously took out a lollipop from her bag and then handed it to Melissa. "Little princess, please don't cry. Come on, have a sweet lollipop!"

The secretaries surrounded the little girl and coaxed her, and Sabina suddenly had a bad feeling.

She remembered that Daniel had a daughter...

"I want my daddy! And my mommy. Waah... waah..." Melissa kept crying uncontrollably.

Then the elevator was opened again, and through it came Janet. She had come to return Daniel's car keys.

Immediately when she came out of the elevator, she heard the crying sounds of a child, and she felt that it sounded like Melissa's voice.

She then quickly went to the office's door and saw Miss Qin holding a sobbing child in her arms. Indeed, it was really Melissa!

Janet was anxious and ran up to them to hold Melissa in her arms.

"Mommy... waah... waah..." Except for Shirley, when all the other secretaries heard Melissa calling Janet mommy, they all covered their mouths in shock.

"My dear baby, mommy is here. Don't cry!" Janet anxiously comforted her crying daughter.

Miss Qin then suddenly felt quite lucky and glad of her sudden appearance. She looked at Sabina, who was now more than bewildered, and then she greeted Janet. "Janet, it's a good thing you're here now! It's all her fault! She pushed the baby on the ground."

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