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   Chapter 259 Does She Have Two Names

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6730

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Viola walked Janet and Melissa out of the old house. Melissa was in high spirits. She blew Viola a kiss,"Goodbye, great grandma!"

Viola unwillingly waved goodbye to Melissa.

Stepping out of the old house, Janet saw Daniel's Rolls-Royce Phantom parked not too far away. She trotted to the car with Melissa in her arms.

Seeing Janet and Melissa, Daniel got out of the car to receive them.

"Daddy!" Melissa excitedly reached out her plump little arms to Daniel, asking him to hold her.

Daniel took Melissa from Janet and kissed Melissa on her cheeks,"My baby," he said.

Melissa wrapped her arms around Daniel's neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

After walking for meters with Melissa in her arms, Janet was a little out of breath. She opened the car door and sat in the back seat. Daniel handed Melissa to her and went back to the driver seat.

"Janet, you spent an extra fifteen minutes," Daniel said as he stared at Janet through the rearview mirror inside the car.

Janet glared at him,"Daniel! I helped you carry your daughter here despite how hot it is. You should be grateful to me!"

"Then you should have let me go with you!"


Janet wanted to argue, but she was rendered speechless.

Melissa leaned forward excitedly,"Daddy, can I go to your office?"

... Janet looked at the little traitor in disappointment.

"Of course!" Daniel nodded.

"Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?" Evidently, she missed her father very much.

Daniel nodded one more time.

"Melissa Shao! Don't forget about your mother!" Janet couldn't help but complain.

"Janet, her name is Michelle Si." Daniel slightly frowned and corrected Janet.

He found it weird. He indeed remembered that the baby's name was Melissa. But when he took her to the police station for the household registration formality, the baby told him that her name was Michelle.

Janet just called her Melissa. 'Does she have two names?' Daniel wondered.

"Hahaha... Never mind. It was just a slip of the ton

e Design Department because there was a sub-division there that specialized in children's garments.

Upon stepping into the Design Department, Melissa was surrounded by female employees.

"Is she Boss Si's daughter? She takes after Boss Si!"

"Is Miss Zheng really going to be this little princess's step mother?"

"God knows..." "It is said that Boss Si has never mentioned anything about the wedding again since this little princess showed up."

"Hahaha... To be honest, I was totally shocked when Boss Si declared that he was going to get married with Shirley. I think Boss Si deserves a better woman!"


Hearing some employees talking about "Shirley" and "step mother", Melissa trotted to them with her two short legs.

"Hello..." she greeted them with a sweet smile.

Her lovely smile stole those female employees' hearts away.

"Hello, little princess!"

Spark had already walked away to pick out some clothes for Melissa.

"What were you talking about? I heard you talking about a stepmother..." Those female employees looked at each other in embarrassment.

"Little princess, I think you misheard us. We didn't talk about a stepmother..." One of the employees managed to muddle through.

Melissa frowned. All of the employees suddenly gasped. The way Melissa frowned looked exactly the way Boss Si did!

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