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   Chapter 257 I Will Transfer the Money to You Through Wechat

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Janet smiled sweetly and ate the whole steamed stuffed bun. Her mouth was filled with delicious stuffing.

"Have some more soup, " Daniel was afraid that she would choke, so he told her to have more of the bird's nest soup.

Janet swallowed half of the bun and murmured, "Feed me."


Daniel heard what she said, so he picked up the bowl, took a spoonful of soup, blew it carefully, and put it into her mouth.

Spark was sitting in front of them. It was all too sweet to bear. It seemed that Boss Si did not just have them here for regular reporting. Daniel and Janet were showing off their romance.

Shirley suppressed her disappointment. She picked up a bun with another chopsticks, put it in Daniel's bowl, and said with a smile, "Daniel, you should have some too."

Janet behaved liked a child, asking for attention, while Shirley acted like a decent lady, taking care of Daniel. The attitudes toward Daniel were very different.

Daniel took a look at the bun in his bowl and said, "Em."

Shirley felt satisfied and happy that he did not turn her down.

She put the chopsticks down and continued eating breakfast.

After Daniel spoon-fed Janet all of the bird's nest soup, he picked up a tissue and helped her wipe her mouth.

Janet kept staring at the bun in Daniel's bowl. The fact that Daniel did not turn Shirley down zapped Janet back to reality.

Technically, Shirley was Daniel's fiancee. She was only his ex-girlfriend, a troublesome one...

She almost forgot all their disputes and issues after they spent two days in Dongcui Mountain.

She wanted to keep it that way, but she still could not forget what they had done to each other...

"What are you thinking about?" asked Daniel. Daniel cut the omelette for her and put it in front of her.

Instead of answering his question, Janet raised her head, looked at Shirley, and asked, "Miss Shirley, why are you here?".

Shirley was shocked by the question, as if Janet had just seen her.

It seemed that Janet would not notice her if she did not get the bun for Daniel.

Being ignored was annoyi

office first. You should... You should prepare for the meeting at 10 AM."

Spark and Shirley walked to the living room together and began to pack up their things.

Janet did not bother saying anything else and walked straight toward the door.

"Are you sure that I should pick up our child by myself?" asked Daniel.

Janet paused and said, "Yes, it's okay."

"Don't blame me if you don't see Melissa again, " Daniel threatened.

Janet bit her lips with anger, turned around, and sat in the living room. Spark packed up all their things and went out of the mansion with Shirley.

Before Shirley walked out of the door, she cast sheep's eyes down on Daniel. Janet pretended not to notice.

Daniel sat in front of Janet and ordered, "Go upstairs and get my coat for me." He sat there like he owned the whole world. He looked like The Emperor to Janet.

Daniel was so arrogant that Janet wanted to turned him down, but she lost her nerve when she thought of Melissa.

Then, she went upstairs reluctantly and picked out a coat for him in the dressing room.

The suits were hung in one closet, and they were all neatly ironed.

Janet murmured, "It's very hot outside. Why must he need a coat? How narcissistic!"

She took a look at the wine-red tartan coat in the second row. It seemed that Daniel wore only black or blue ones. She never saw him wear coats of other colors.

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