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   Chapter 256 Give Without Asking For Anything Back

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6241

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Putting his hand on her head, Daniel smiled evilly, "Do you want sanitary towels?"

'How dare you want to have another man purchase knickers and pads for you?' Daniel thought.

Then, Daniel kissed Janet and touched her body... She had no way to refuse Daniel.

An hour later, Daniel left and Janet was seated on the toilet cover, tired. She was eager to brush her teeth. "Alas!" Janet was very nervous.

Daniel passed a bath towel to her before he left.

Then, Janet wrapped herself up.

Half an hour later, when Janet was about to fall sleep, the toilet door opened.

Daniel walked in and passed the handbag to her.

"Thank you!" Janet replied excitedly, but Daniel still held the handbag tightly.

She raised her head with confusion, and Daniel said, "What's my reward?"

Janet became silent.

"Boss Si, as the old saying goes, 'Give without asking for anything back!'" She pulled the bag with great strength.

Daniel lowered his head, gave her a quick kiss, and left.

Janet was shocked, but she smiled.

After she had cleaned up, no one was in the bedroom when she came out.

'Where is Daniel? Had he already left?' Janet wondered. She decided not to think of him and reduced the AC temperature. It was time for her to sleep.

Soon, Daniel came in with a bottle of water in his hand.

Hearing the sound, Janet opened her eyes. Daniel stood near her and ordered, "Sit up."

She shook her head.

Then, he put the bottle down and pulled her up. She was a little weak, so she leaned against his chest.

Daniel took the bottle near her lips, "Take a sip, and you will be better."

Feeling the edge of the bottle, she replied, "It's hot."

"No, it isn't hot." He added some cold water to cool it.

After giving birth, Janet didn't experience severe dysmenorrhea. She just didn't want to do anything now.

She tried drinking a

resident's chef. He inherited his elders' cooking talent, and this steamed stuffed bun has always been the Xues' masterpiece."

Janet looked at the stuffed bun, which had lots of fillings and a thin wrapper. It did look appetizing.

But she was full now.

She put it on Daniel's plate, "I really don't want to eat it."

Daniel didn't become angry. Instead, he dipped it in a special sauce and then held it near her lip, coaxing, "Just bite a little."

Seeing this scene, Spark almost choked.

Even though he knew Daniel loved Janet very much, it was uncommon to see Daniel like this.

Eating a fried egg, Shirley pretended that nothing had happened.

But she was boiling inside.

Janet glanced at Shirley and bit on it.

"What do you think?" Daniel asked and then swallowed the rest bun.

Janet was shocked.

'Didn't Daniel care that it had bitten by me?'

"Yummy, " Janet said with much appreciation. No wonder his father was the President's Cook.

Daniel smiled, "Eat more if you like."

Janet thought for a moment and looked at Daniel, "If you feed me, I will eat more."

As he was about to eat fried dough sticks, Daniel was stunned. He then picked up another steamed stuffed bun and placed it near her lips.

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