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   Chapter 255 How about I Buy A Doll for You

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8193

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Daniel didn't want to bother explaining, so he searched for an explanation about what a thousand-million cooperative project really meant on the Internet and handed his phone to her.

He then went into the bathroom.

Soon enough, an erupting roar was heard, "Daniel Si! You big liar! Oh my god!"

No wonder when Sven heard that she had signed a contract with Daniel, which was a cooperative project valued one thousand-million three years ago, he put on a cunning smile on his face. Now, Janet finally understood his sly smile!

The so-called thousand-million cooperative project was not about the money, but it was about... about...

While she covered her hot and bright red face with her hands, Janet also buried her face on his pillow.

After a while, Janet read the contract again. In the fine print, it wrote that if Janet breached the contract, Daniel, as the other party, had the right to accuse her responsibility.

Janet went berserk. She wondered how she could sell herself out this way!

What's worse, she was sold out without earning any money! She really wanted to cry.

Then, she took out her phone and called Sven. Sven was carrying his wife to the bed, when his phone suddenly rang. He initially didn't want to answer the phone, but Nicole told him that it was a call from Janet.

He had to answered it, "Jane."

"Sven! How could you let Daniel do this to me? I have always trusted you! You wasted my trust! Why didn't you tell me that Daniel had trapped me?" Janet yelled out a flow of words.

Sven was still confused about what was going on and why he was scolded. He put his hand in front his chest and said, "Jane, I always stand by your side! I swear to god!"

"Bullshit! On our gathering three years ago, when you heard about the contract, why didn't you tell me that the contract was flawed?" She remembered that Sven even grinned a very cunning smile at the time.

With the contract being mentioned, Sven now understood the situation. He again put on a sly smile and said, "Jane, how about you giving yourself to Daniel now!"

"Give myself to him? Come here! I'll give you to him instead of me! Daniel is strong. Come and try him yourself!" said Janet. She suddenly chuckled and thought that if someone were to help her endure Daniel's torture for the whole night, it should be a man.

Sven held his wife and said over the phone, "Jane, don't be naughty! Go to Daniel and have your second set of twins

tary towel here with her now...

"Daniel... Dear... Da...niel... Da...niel..." She kept calling his name in a stammer. The tall man then appeared at the toilet's door.

"Oh! You shameless man!" Janet sat on the toilet seat. When she saw the man, she immediately lowered her head and covered her eyes.

'Shameless man! Why are you naked...' thought Janet.

"What's the matter?" He asked in a peaceful voice, without shame.

She kept calling his name while he was taking a shower.

"I don't have my... and I also don't have... Please go and buy me some..." Stuttering, she then described what she wanted. Daniel finally understood what she said.

"No way!" He refused in a straightforward manner.

"You have bought it for me before. What are you afraid of now?" Janet kept covering her eyes as she knew he was still standing at the door.

Daniel leaned against the door and said, "Past is past, now is now, things have become different!" Janet tortured him just now, so he decided to take his revenge.

Janet was angry. She moved away her hands from her eyes. She initially wanted to scream, but she had to learn to be less shameful.

Even though she really felt ashamed of it...

She lowered her eyelids and looked at her toes. She then said, "If you don't go and buy it, I'll call someone else to buy it for me!"

In the next moment, a shadow came up to her. She raised up her head...

But what a tragedy!

"Da..niel... you... Don't you have any clothes? Can't you put on your clothes?" She wiped her mouth with strength, trying to rub the part where it touched his body.

Ah! She was about to go crazy!

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