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   Chapter 254 You Can Act Pouty and Cute to Please Him

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7475

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Sabina was so furious that she bit her lower lip, while Daniel stood still, without uttering a single word.

After she saw what they were doing, Shirley walked up to Sabina and said, "Miss Sabina, I will take you to the hotel first."

Sabina felt resentful, so she slapped Shirley across the face. "Screw you!"

What she did shocked both Shirley and Janet.

Sabina had a more violent temper than Janet.

"Miss Sabina, what are you doing?" Shirley touched her cheek, her eyes filling with tears.

Daniel still kept silent. He didn't want to get involved in the fight among these women.

If Janet wasn't the one getting beaten or bullied, he wouldn't want to intervene.

"What am I doing? I can't stand your face!" said Sabina. She was enraged, and if Daniel wasn't here today, she would've done the same to Janet.

When she saw Shirley slapped by Sabina, Janet felt a little sorry for her. But she immediately shook her head and dismissed that thought. Why would she pity Shirley?

"Mr. Si, I'm a hardworking employee of your company. Would you let this woman continue doing this to me?" Shirley turned to Daniel for help.

Daniel wanted to end it all as soon as possible, so he coldly looked at Sabina and Shirley and said, "I'm telling you this one last time. Both of you, get out!" he said.

Shirley hurriedly left the villa, crying.

Sabina suddenly tried to yank Janet, but Janet dodged her by reflex.

"Come over here! I'm going to teach you a lesson!" shouted Sabina.

Janet thought that Sabina might be this violent because she had stayed with her ex-husband for a long time.

"You want to teach me a lesson?" Janet laughed.

She then looked at Daniel and said, "Look at her, Mr. Si. I don't think you have good taste in women. How could you like someone so foolish?"

Annoyed, Daniel wrapped his arms around Janet's waist and said, "How about my affection for you? I must be as blind as a bat, right?"

"How could you say that! I'm not foolish. You are!" shouted Sabina. She pulled Janet away from Daniel's arms.

Janet coldly looked at her and angrily warned her, "If you dare touch me again, you're going to regret it!"

When she saw Sabina's photo a long time ago, Janet had the impression

, "Mr. Si is your daughter's father, right?"

After he mentioned this, Janet didn't say anything anymore. She looked defeated and leaned against Daniel's shoulder. She didn't know since when her bodyguard betrayed her.

Daniel turned his head to Elliot and said, "You'll be promoted to team leader!"

When he heard Daniel, Elliot was ecstatic. He just got promoted! How lucky was he!

Several bodyguards nearby enviously looked at Elliot and also realized that they would get a bright future if they obeyed Mr. Si.

Gradually, all of Janet's bodyguards began to obey Daniel.

Janet patted Daniel's back and said, "Who told you to do that to my bodyguard?"

Daniel ignored her and carried her to the second floor.

"Daniel Si, could you let go of me? I want to go home." When she sat on the bed, Janet tried her best to protest against him.

"No!" Daniel took off his white sports shirt.

Janet was very furious and asked, "Why?"

Daniel took a long look at her and thought that it was time to take something out!

"Wait here. I'll make you obey me!"

After he finished talking, Daniel walked toward his study.

In a few moments, he took out a piece of A4 paper and handed it to Janet. Confused, Janet took it from him and found that it was a contract.

After leafing through several pages, she remembered that it was the contract with more than one hundred million assets that she and Daniel signed three years ago.

"What's wrong with it?" She stared at him.

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