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   Chapter 252 She has A Violent Temper

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8953

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"What are you doing?" asked Shirley.

"Is that woman the mother of Daniel's child?" asked Sabina.

Shirley nodded, and thought in her mind, 'Damn it! Janet should play such a trick on me!' Shirley didn't expect that this was Janet's trick.

Sabina strolled around in the living room. She looked at Shirley, and suggested, "How about we cooperate with each other? One day, after Daniel will abandon that woman, we'll start our own fair competition. What do you say?"

'Fair competition?' Shirley really wanted to laugh at her. She was Daniel's fiancee now, and she wondered how this ex-girlfriend of his could ever compete with her!

But still, Shirley nodded, and said, "Okay, but Janet is also my best friend. Don't hurt her too much!"

Shirley had suddenly softened her heart, but Sabina looked at her face, and scornfully tittered, "If she's your best friend, why has she then taken away your fiance? She doesn't consider you as being her best friend at all!"

Her words struck and dumbfounded Shirley.

Sabina thought that she was feeling distressed about it, but in actuality, Shirley was feeling guilty, because she had been the one who hadn't regarded Janet as her best friend in the first place.

"I won't leave until I can get in touch with Daniel, and you don't have to leave, either. Let's wait for them to come, and we'll get rid of that woman together, once and for all!" said Sabina.

She then again seated herself on the sofa in the living room. Shirley took a look at her wristwatch, and didn't say anything in reply.

"I need to go to the bathroom, " said Shirley. She put her handbag on the table, and then took out her phone.

Sabina waved to her, and then she began playing on her own phone on the sofa.

Inside the bathroom

Shirley locked the door, and went up to the window. She then dialed Daniel's number.

The call was soon connected. "What?" answered Daniel.

"Daniel, I've arrived at your mansion to get rid of Miss Sabina as you've instructed, but no matter what I say to her, she won't leave. I initially wanted to call the security guards, but because she's your... ex-girlfriend, I thought I'd better not do it this way, " reported Shirley.

She started stammering in the last part of her sentence.

'Get rid of?' He glanced at Janet, who was sleeping, and thought that she really was fierce and decisive in battling her rivals.

He then said, "Okay, I knew all about it. Go back to the company first."

Shirley took a deep breath and gathered all of her courage. She said, "Daniel, how about I wait for you here! In case... Janet is angry; then I might coax her to calm down."

When he thought of the scene when

e and called Ella. "Mom, where are you?" asked Janet.

"We're at the old house, but we're not coming back to the mansion tonight, " said Ella.

She had brought Melissa to the old house, and Michelle was taken to the manor by Lola.

"Where are my twins?" She had asked this question while she was standing behind the door; after, she stepped out of the mansion.

Ella told her about the whole situation, and then told Janet, "If you're tired, go to bed earlier. We'll come back to the mansion tomorrow."

"Okay, I know. Mom, let Melissa talk to me for a bit!" said Janet. When she came out of the mansion, Jerry and Sally had already arrived, and they were holding in their hands some packaged gifts in a couple of bags.

She covered the speaker, and said to them, "Brother and sister-in-law, please go in first. I still have something that I need to do."

On the other side of the phone, Melissa was calling out for her mother. Sally glanced at her with an understanding look in her eyes, and then she entered the mansion with her husband.

Sally was very tired after their two days of travelling, and she was more than eager to go to bed now.

"Hello, my sweet baby! I've missed you so much!" Hearing her daughter's calling, Janet grinned a sweet smile.

Daniel was leaning against his car and smoking a cigarette near her.

When he heard her talking with their daughter, he instantly dragged her closer to him, and listened carefully to their words.

While she was sitting on her grandmother's lap, in a cute and soft voice, she said, "Mommy, I missed you and daddy very much!"

Daniel called to her in a tender voice, "My baby! Daddy's missed you too!"

'Our daughter's not in the mansion, because Janet was talking with her on the phone, ' thought Daniel.

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