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   Chapter 251 I Am Daniel's First Love

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7552

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She pressed the "Message" button, and then wrote, "Miss Shirley, go to mansion No. 9 and kick that woman out!"

She sent the message and then deleted it.

"Okay! I've solved a problem for you!" Janet then cheerfully put his phone back into the car's glove compartment.

Half an hour later, when Janet had almost fallen asleep, the phone rang again, and this time, Janet was very excited.

Before Daniel even moved a muscle, she grabbed the phone, and boldly said, "You drive the car, and I'll help you answer the phone."

Daniel just smiled. He said nothing, and instead he let her answer his phone.

Janet switched off the car's screen, which synced with the phone. She then deliberately spoke in a strange voice, and answered, "Hello, who is this?"

Daniel shook his head, and in a deep voice said, "Speak properly!"

The woman sat up and curled her lips. She would never speak properly to the mistress.

"Let Daniel answer the phone!" Sabina was very angry with the secretary that she had just met!

Sabina thought that it must have been the secretary who had actually sent the message. 'This secretary is saying that Daniel texted her to kick me out of the house!'

She also wondered, 'Who is she? And how can she use Daniel's personal phone?'

"Daniel is driving. And what's more important, he doesn't want to speak with you! He said that you are just as annoying as a fly is!" Janet was good at telling lies! First of all, she didn't need to think them, and second, she wasn't ashamed of telling them.

Daniel held her hand, warning her to stop lying, but Janet stared at him, and Daniel smiled and let her go.

"That's impossible! I'm Daniel's first love. He could never hate me! We've actually been together on a vacation after the New Year passed. Pass the phone to Daniel!" Sabina didn't believe Janet's words!

Although Daniel had said that he had no feelings for her, he had never said that she had been annoying!

"Vacation?" Janet was now irritated. She covered the microphone, gritted her teeth, and questioned Daniel, "How dare you take her on a vacation while I was raising your child! Daniel, how could you do that to me!"

But Daniel just smiled, and replied, "We didn't go on a vacation together, I just met her

here, too. She'll try her best to throw you out!" She knew Janet's character.

Although Janet had changed a lot during the past three years, whenever she was angry, Janet would still do whatever she wanted to!

"I don't believe Daniel will just let her throw me out!" Sabina really didn't believe that the woman would dare to do such a thing in front of Daniel!

Shirley smiled and looked at the phone in Sabina's hands, and said, "When you called Daniel just now, that woman answered the phone for him, right?"

Sabina said nothing, silently confirming Shirley's guess.

"Daniel's private phone is on him at all times. When that woman answered the phone, Daniel must have heard everything that you talked about. If she dared to say that she would kick you out when she was sitting next to him, do you think that Boss Si will help you out and prevent it?"

What she had said was true. Other people might not have known how deeply Daniel loved Janet, but she, Spark, and the rest of the company's employees, knew it very clear.

When Shirley heard that Janet had answered the phone, she immediately knew that it must have also been Janet who had sent the message in the first place.

'In Daniel's name, Janet not only commanded me to do things, but also wanted me to argue with Daniel's first love. Good for her!'

Sabina was silent and thought that Shirley was right.

Sabina stood up from the couch and came near Shirley, but Shirley became alert, and took a couple of steps backwards.

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