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   Chapter 250 Bad Romance

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7390

Updated: 2018-09-04 21:42

When Janet returned, she had to deal with many issues, some of them being Shirley Zheng and the Tianye Men.

Because of their intricacy, these were the only two issues which Janet didn't want to deal with.

She fell asleep, and Daniel's phone rang.

Janet opened her eyes, and saw an unknown number on the phone's display.

Daniel frowned, because Janet had woken up.

Without using a bluetooth headset, she answered the phone by using its loud speaker.

"Daniel." A sexy voice came from the other end of the line. Although Janet didn't know who she was, she did know that the woman seemed to be quite familiar with Daniel.

After this happened, Janet couldn't sleep at all.

Daniel searched for something in the glove compartment and found his Bluetooth headset.

Unconsciously, Janet became very angry, and she quickly took off his headset.

Daniel looked forward; he knew how Janet's reactions were even when he didn't turn his head to look at her.

He answered lightly, "Speak."

"Daniel, I'm back in C Country. Where are you now?" The woman's voice sounded excited.

Daniel hesitated for a moment, and answered, "I'm not downtown at the moment."

"When are you coming back? I'll be waiting for you."

"I'm not sure, but you do your own business. Don't wait up for me."

Unconsciously, Janet said, "After a two hours' drive, Daniel will be in the downtown area."

The woman on the phone was then suddenly quiet, but after a short while, she asked, "Who are you?"

"Well, who are you?"

Janet asked the same question.

"I'm... Daniel's girlfriend."

After he heard her answer, Daniel frowned, distressed. He had planned to hang up the phone but was quickly stopped by Janet.

"What a coincidence this is indeed! I'm his girlfriend too. What's your name?" 'Daniel's girlfriend? Girlfriend!' This word made Janet quite furious, and made her want to beat the woman to a pulp if she was in front of her.

When Janet answered the phone, Daniel's hand, held by Janet's, touched her chest.

Janet blushed. She stared at Daniel and then put his hand on the steering wheel.

Looking at the phone, she cleared her throat, and instead tried to act sexy, and said, "Daniel, st

it for Sabina's answer, and furiously replied, "I don't like it! Is she poor? Why do you have to arrange a room for her?"

Sabina's call had irritated Janet to the brim. She had also totally forgotten that she still hadn't forgiven Daniel. She decided to protect her position in his heart, and beat all the bad women that were chasing him!

And her decision made Daniel feel quite satisfied.

"Sabina, I'll ask Spark to send you to the hotel."

"No way! She has two legs; she can find a taxi by herself!"


"I'll call Spark." Then, Daniel hung up the phone.

Obviously, in the first round between Janet and Sabina, Janet had clearly won!

Daniel didn't tell Janet about his true feelings about her. He guessed that Janet had acted like that to overpower Sabina, and if he told her the truth, it was possible that she would not continue with her hostile acting.

Janet grabbed his phone, and said, "You're driving, stop calling!"

Daniel smiled at her, and replied, "You call Spark directly, and ask him to help Sabina move out of the mansion."

After hearing this, Janet thought for a while, and took out his phone. She asked, "What's the unlock code?"

Daniel said four numbers, "Zero, five, two, five."

Janet unlocked the phone and wondered about the meaning of the four digit codes.

It wasn't her birthday date, nor Daniel's. Only Daniel knew it's meaning.

Janet searched his contacts and found Shirley Zheng, and smiled, cryptically.

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