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   Chapter 249 I Am a Law-abiding Good Citizen

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8534

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Out of nowhere, Sven took out a surgery knife and swirled it around his fingers three times before he stabbed it in the car's door, sharply next to Amy's ear.

Without uttering another single word, he then walked towards his own car.

Amy wasn't hurt at all, but Sven's sudden move had petrified her, and she had started to scream unstoppably when she saw the reflecting knife's blade so close to her ear.

Hobson stared at the knife, knowing that it was a clear warning sign coming from Sven. Out of anger, he stepped hard on the accelerator and within seconds, his car stormed out of the parking lot.

Janet was about to follow her brother to his car, but Jerry took her by the hand and shoved her into Daniel's car instead.

"I need some time alone with Sally!"


What nonsense! Janet frowned at his petty excuse.

Daniel cast a glance at the hesitant Janet, and said, "What now? Are you unhappy to sit in my car?"

What a woman she was! His car was worth millions of dollars and yet it still didn't catch her attention!

Janet then changed her face. She thought about his earlier heroic behaviour, and felt that it would be unfair for her to pull a face at him. She quickly explained, "I'm not unhappy. I'm just a little bit upset that my brother didn't want me in his car!"

Her explanation made Daniel feel good.

He suddenly leaned towards her. Janet was sitting tight in the passenger's seat with her back straight, recalling what he had said in the restaurant... She looked at him vigilantly, and asked, "What do you want?"

Daniel laughed as he helped her with the safety belt, and said, "I don't want to have a traffic fine just because you don't have your safety belt put on!"

Janet was relieved, and she smirked at him, "You, Daniel Si the CEO, are afraid of receiving traffic ticket?"

"Of course, I am. I'm a law-abiding good citizen!"


His narcissistic tone made Janet speechless. Did Daniel say that he abided by the law?

She did not believe him one single bit!

As he started the engine, Daniel glanced at her, and while he coldly opened his mouth, he said, "When you were gone, Jerry and your father spent a lot of time and effort trying to locate your whereabouts."

Janet felt guilty at his words, and she murmured at him, "Why are you mentioning this now?"

"Jerry is one of my closest friends, and you are his younger sister. I know for a fact that he cares about you a good deal." During the first year when Janet had ran away from home, she had still kept in touch with her family o

s relationship with Janet anymore.

Janet's face turned red, and she pushed his hand away and turned her head to the car window.

Somehow, she had hoped that they would get back together, but she was concerned that he would be the same old unchanged Daniel who had constantly bugged her on a daily basis three years ago.

Her reaction made him feel distressed, because he thought that she had turned down his suggestion. He coldly said to her, "Janet, don't push me over the edge, or otherwise, I will deal with both Brian and Caspar, one by one!"

In order to get her, he would go all out for her. If it were necessary, he could have arranged for them to be thrown into the ocean, and be fed to the fishes!

"Daniel! Could you at least be reasonable? This has nothing to do with Brian, or with Caspar!" The true reason that their relationship was constantly on and off was because of other women!

Daniel moved his car forward, and said, "The way you refer to them is so intimate. How come you were never this nice to me? Huh?"

He stopped the car and he cast a cold glance at her. "She seems to be looking quite upset, " thought Daniel amusingly.

'Never this nice to me? Intimate?' Janet's face blushed, and she pouted her mouth, and snapped at him, "I was always nice to you, and more than that, I was intimate with you as well!"

Her adorable look made him laugh.

"Take a nap, " he said.

He drove the car to the toll and paid. As they went on the express way, and headed towards downtown, he brought the car to full speed.

Leaning against the car seat and watching the scene falling behind out of the window, Janet felt a little reluctant to get back to the city so soon.

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