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   Chapter 248 Why Don't We Have a Fair Competition

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8045

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Hobson's face darkened when he saw that they weren't paying him the proper attention that he needed. Did Daniel forget that he had a weapon pointed at his head? Was this the time to worry about Janet?

"Daniel Si, you surely live up to your name. I think I'll let you go today, so that you can help the Black Moon out a little in C Country."

Daniel's power couldn't be underestimated. It was said that the Si family was at the top of the elite of C Country and also, Daniel's granduncle was Vern Mu.

It was time for him to calm down. Hobson wouldn't have dared to make a move on him because, if he had started something there, both Daniel's old man, Harry Si, and his granduncle, would've gone after and butchered the entire Black Moon gang.

"You think too much." Daniel rejected his offer in an instant.

Hobson had already settled down. As he put down his weapon, he smiled, and then, glancing at Janet Shao, said,"I'm very interested in your lady. Why don't we have a fair competition?"

Then, Amy Ji screamed at him at the top of her lungs,"Hobson!"

But Hobson just glared at her, and replied,"Shut up!"

Daniel snickered arrogantly at him,"Why do you think you have the right to choose what to do?"

Hobson hit his woman, and then put the gun to Daniel's head. Daniel now had the name Hobson Gong carved on his brain!

Feeling Daniel's fury, Hobson stopped smiling immediately. Hobson knew that he couldn't ever possibly beat Daniel, but he was certain that he could start with Janet.

He turned to look at the men protecting Janet and memorized their faces.

"Miss Janet, I've heard that you brought a few Black Moon members to the police." His sneer almost made Janet vomit. She couldn't understand how a man in his thirties like Hobson could give out that sickening, stomach-churning smile all the time.

Janet held back her loathing, and scoffed,"What? Black Moon members tried to infiltrate the Tianye Men, but somehow turned out to be the victims? Hobson, why is everything you do such a disgrace?"

There was no such thing as playing fair to Hobson, and Janet was right.

"Janet, one day I will let you know the consequences of crossing the Black Moon!" Hobson gave Janet a cold stare before finally leaving with his men.

That wasn't his turf, and he wasn't that dumb to start a fight in a place where he had absolutely no advantage.

When his gang tried to take

on her arm.

When she turned and saw Daniel's cold eyes, she asked,"What's this?"

Daniel sternly said to her,"Although Hobson now knows a lot about us, and he might be scared, but I'm still worried that he's gonna play dirty somehow. Starting from tomorrow, get Sven to prepare some weapons for your own self-defense."

He had also planned to install on all her cars, and various communication devices, trackers and self-defense triggering mechanisms.

Daniel wasn't afraid of Hobson, but not only was Hobson a dangerous weasel to deal with, he also had a cunning mastermind behind him.

Janet wouldn't last long in their games.

And Daniel would never forget that Hobson had dared to put a weapon to his head!

Janet didn't resist this time, and she nodded,"Okay."

Just one word was able to soften Daniel, and he rustled her hair bun, and said,"Good girl."

He then held her shoulder and they walked together towards the parking lot.

It was only after everyone had left, that the nearby shops dared to open their doors again. The security guards hiding in the dark were also relieved that the danger had passed.

The guards were just temporary employees of a tourism company, and usually they helped to keep the order around the street.

But when things got very real and threatening, they quickly cowered to safe cover.

Even after Hobson had got in his driver's sear, Sven was still blabbering besides his car window. Finally, Sven solemnly warned,"And if you ever dare to bring your dirty tricks on Janet again, I'm gonna live up to my name as 'The Scalpel' and kill you!"

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