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   Chapter 247 She Only Liked What Daniel Bought For Her

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6296

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Ignoring his stare, Janet entered a shop which was selling local products.

Small handmade products, almost all of them made out of Dongcui Mountain bamboos, filled the room.

She picked up a padauk brush pot, and observed its delicate workmanship.

The shopkeeper was carving another thing with commitment, but Janet didn't disturb him, and instead looked at its pattern.

"Do you like this one? Should I purchase it for you?" Hobson was standing in the shop's door.

Janet put it down, and refused him, "No, thanks."

She could have afforded it by herself.

But Hobson wasn't disappointed with her answer, and walked towards her. He picked it up and passed it to the shopkeeper, and said, "I will take this one, please wrap it up for me."

The shopkeeper took out his glasses and looked at the brush pot in his hand, and said, "Sir, this is worth 180, 000 dollars. Are you sure that you want to purchase it?"

Taking out his wallet, Hobson nodded without any sort of hesitation and passed his credit card to him.

Witnessing the scene, Janet walked out of the shop.

Hobson then ran after Janet and gave the brush pot to Janet, and said, "Here you are."

Janet stood still in front of him, with a cold expression drawn all over her face. "What's your purpose then?"

She wasn't as foolish as to believe that Hobson actually didn't want nothing out of her.

Hobson smiled, and gave her the present. Janet returned it to him, and in a dead-cold serious voice, said, "Stay away from me!"

Daniel was standing not that far away from them and had seen what had just happened. He took out his phone out of his pocket, and called someone. "Look into a man called Hobson Gong."

Janet was the one who had told him his name.

And if he knew his name, Daniel could easily find all the things he needed to know about Hobson.

Hobson looked at bag in his hand, an

ll of the shops around nearby shut their doors.

Daniel wasn't scared, but instead looked at Hobson calmly.

Seeing the scene, Sven whispered to Scott, and then Scott quickly ran towards the parking lot.

Scott found what he needed in Sven's car.

He took the weapons and soon left, having no time to greet Nicole.

Nicole grabbed Scott's clothes, and yelled, "Scott!"


Nicole nervously asked, "What's happening there?"

"Don't worry about it, just wait for us!" As a matter of fact, Scott was a little scared, but considering that the situation had now become urgent, he soon left and ran into Jerry's car.

After finding the weapons, he ran back as fast as he could.

When he arrived, Jerry and Sven were standing beside Hobson.

The air around them was heavy, and tense.

Ignoring Amy's complaints, Janet walked in front of Daniel, and said, "Hobson, you have nothing to do with Daniel. I'm the one that you should be pointing the gun at."

Daniel was moved by Janet's reaction.

But in the same time it had annoyed him. Daniel thought to himself, 'Does she really think that I can't deal with someone like Hobson by my own?'

He pushed Janet to Jerry, and said, "That's none of your business! Don't interfere!"

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