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   Chapter 246 Let's Have A Try Tonight

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8611

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He didn't expect that the Tianye Men could ever be managed by such a beautiful woman. She was so beautiful that he wanted to... give up everything, and sleep with her for one single night.

Suddenly, Daniel cast a cold glance at him. When he noticed this, Hobson stopped staring at Janet, and instead started to look towards Daniel.

Daniel, who was possessive about Janet, had already walked up to her, put his arms around her and left together.

Daniel reminded her, "Get away from that guy if you ever see him again."

Janet also saw Hobson, and she frowned and nodded. Although he had just talked to her for a few minutes, she had immediately disliked the man.

Earlier, he had stared at her with a lascivious look in his eyes, which had disgusted Janet.

Although Daniel had also looked at her like that sometimes, the feelings she had for these two men were completely different.

With great interest, Hobson stared at Daniel and Janet's backs and smiled.

After he threw the cigarette butt to the ground and stepped on it, he followed them with the woman beside him clinging to his arm.

When they went back and passed by the spot in the maple forest where they had stayed the previous night, their tents and other camping equipment had already been taken away.

But no one cared about this, and all of them walked towards the scenic area's exit at the foot of the mountain.

After about half an hour later, they saw the parking lot near the gate.

They hadn't had anything for breakfast that morning, and it was soon noon, and they were very hungry.

When they found a restaurant, all of them went inside one of its private rooms.

Janet whispered in Daniel's ear, "Behave during lunch, and don't ask me to help you with the food again!"

Although he was an adult, he was still acting like a child, and was picky about his food!

He wasn't near as good as... Melissa. But compared with Melissa, Michelle was as arrogant and fastidious as Daniel was...

Acting like a spoiled child, Daniel replied, "If you don't help me with the food, I won't eat anything!"


Janet was angry at him and looked at his back, and wondered why she had to serve him, since she wasn't neither his servant, nor his mother!

During their lunch, Janet was speechless with rage.

All the others had already eaten one third of their rice in their bowls, while Daniel hadn't eaten any of his.

He had indeed kept starving himself because Janet wasn't willing to help him with the food.

After she picked up a brisket and placed it on his plate, Daniel i

ate the duck leg on his plate, ignoring all of the other people's snickers.

Janet rushed out of the restaurant and quickly ran over to the parking lot.

To not to let Daniel catch her, she walked towards a shopping street near the parking lot.

She then sent a message to Jerry, "Jerry, I'm just looking around. When you've finished inside, call me."

Jerry's phone was on the table, and when he saw his sister's message, he said, "Jane went to look around. She might go to the shopping street."

That street was the only place where she could freely walk around.

After he ate his duck leg, Daniel wiped his mouth, and while he stood up from his chair, said, "Enjoy your meal. I'll go out for a walk now."

Sven helped his wife with the food and looked at Daniel who was at the door. "Go! Go! Daniel, if you really want to do that kind of thing to Janet, send us a message. We'll be waiting for you!" he said.

After he finished saying this, he started to laugh.

Daniel glared at him and Sven finally stopped speaking and laughing.

After Daniel had left the room, the rest of them began to ask Sven what Daniel had said to Jane earlier.

Sven thought that this kind of thing was in Daniel and Janet's personal affairs, and that he shouldn't tell others about it.

"You can go to ask Daniel, " he said.


They then stopped talking altogether and continued eating, because none of them dared to ask Daniel.

When Janet looked around the street, she attracted a lot of attention. She then noticed that someone was staring at her in a discourteous way.

Slightly frowning, she looked over her shoulder and saw that Hobson was sitting in a restaurant on the street and having lunch.

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