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   Chapter 245 Don't be So Childish

Trapped with Daniel By Changdu Characters: 9729

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"No way! You should be the one to appologise to me!" said Janet. Although she knew that she had misunderstood him three years ago, she still thought that it wasn't her fault!

"Why should I appologise to you?" asked Daniel. Janet still didn't admit to her fault and made a big fuss out of nothing. Her character hadn't improved a bit during the past three years.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and came closer to him, and said, "For no particular reason, but you still have to."

'If you apologize to me first, then I'll give in and apologize to you too, ' thought Janet.

They started walking faster and left the beautiful scenery behind them, without even fully enjoying it.

When they reached another waterfall, Janet got down off of him.

Daniel opened his mouth again, and suggested, "How about this? You apologise to me first, I'll make you my girlfriend, and then I'll make my own apology to you. What do you say?"

Hearing his words, Janet hesitated for a moment, but then, Daniel added, "Three months later I'll break up with you again, and then I'll chase you again!" 'And get married straightaway!' thought Daniel in his mind.


Janet felt speechless.

"Is there a point in making things so complicated and troublesome?" asked Janet. She now became aware that the man beside her actually wanted to take his revenge on her!

"Yes, there is! If I'll let you go and forgive you so easily, I'll suffer and be aggrieved from so much injustice!" Daniel crossed his arms in front of his chest and squinted at her.

But he actually thought... That if she could improve her attitude and treat him better, he would absolutely forget about all the injustice he had suffered with her.

"You're a man; what kind of injustices have you suffered from, huh? Daniel, please don't be so childish, okay?" Janet looked at the man and was annoyed by him. Oh, no! Janet felt that he now looked more like a boy than an actual man.

"You're the one who's childish, not me!" snapped Daniel. 'If you hadn't had run away in such a childish way, and if you had waited for the paternity test on Ivanka's baby, then you might have already been my wife now!' thought Daniel.

"Okay, so now I'm childish! What about you? Besides being childish, you're also a playboy, unfaithful, you always flirt with women, and sleep with other women..." Janet counted with her fingers all of his wrongs.

Daniel frowned more and more by the minute as she went on counting all of his alleged wrongs.

Finally, Janet raised her hands in front of his eyes, opened her eyes wide, and said in an exaggerated tone, "Look! Your wrongs are more than I can count on my fingers! You're a bad man, and I won't be your girlfriend!"

Daniel pulled down her hands, and with his face all darkened up, he furiously said, "You can't even tell the difference between what's good or bad!"

He then walked past her and went u

anted to say that your reward was sharing your tent with me last night!" answered Daniel.

"... No, you can't say it like that either!" said Janet. Although all of them knew about this, even when these harmless words had been spoken out from Daniel's mouth, she still felt... very ashamed.

Daniel confronted her, and asked, "Janet, what did you actually mean? What's with that look on your face?" He could detect a despising look in her eyes, and instantly, his face also darkened up.

'What? Is it really shameful for you to sleep together with me?' thought Daniel furiously.

Janet raised her brows, and she joyfully turned around and went away.

They saw some more waterfalls on their way back, and then they went into the maple tree woods. All the maple leaves were still green in this season.

When they raised their heads and looked up, they could only see clusters of green leaves. They imagined how wonderful the scenery here really was when it was Autumn.

There were also a lot of other tourists in the maple tree woods besides them. Janet then wanted to measure its size, and wrapped her arms around one of the tree trunks in the forrest.

But the tree trunk was so big that she couldn't fully embrace it in her arms.

Angela suddenly called out to her, and demanded, "Jane, please turn your head around!"

Janet put down one of her arms and when she turned around, she looked at Angela.

She didn't expect that Angela would be taking photos of her. Dressed in a pink coat, and wearing a sweet smile with a pair of pure eyes, Janet looked outstandingly beautiful under the maple tree.

Janet's good looking figure was also noticed by the group that had caught up with them from behind. Among them, Hobson, with his hands placed deep into his pockets, was also looking at her while playing with a cigarette between his teeth. He stared at Janet, and his eyes filled with a sparkling, admiring light in them.

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