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   Chapter 244 Not At All Afraid of Him

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6568

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"I am not stalking you. My girlfriend and I are touring C Country for its great scenery." He continued, "And I am also intending to increase my power in C Country."

'Increase his power?' Janet slowed down her pace, and asked herself, 'Which gang does he belong to?'

"Janet, people call me Black Moon."

'The ruthless Black Moon Gangster?' His words had shocked Janet.

She took a deep breath, and left without saying one more word.

At that point, Daniel and the others came up to them.

He glanced around coldly, and the men and the women in front of the waterfall frowned a little.

The man in the middle was staring at Janet's back and was laughing cheerfully, very much interested in her.

According to his experience, these were very bad people.

He hastened his pace, and put his right arm on her shoulder when he caught up with her.

Janet felt that she had become the Black Moon's target, but didn't know why.

'This can't be good. I have to be very careful.'

When Daniel got closer to her, she didn't resist him.

Watching them leave together, Hobson viciously smiled. 'That man seems to be the most powerful CEO in C Country, a successful businessman, as well as the Tianye Men's boss. Interesting...'

Actually, what he had said to Janet was true. His new girlfriend had been bothering him about traveling until he had finally agreed to it.

With some persuasion, he had finally managed to successfully deflower his new girlfriend in the woods the night before.

And now he had just met Tianye Men's boss. 'What a stroke of luck!' he thought.

Jerry had also seen Hobson's look on his sister, and he too became worried.

Stopping in front of another waterfall, Janet looked back and felt relieved that Hobson was out of sight.

"Did you know him?" asked Daniel, with his brows knitted.

Janet shook her head, and said, "He's not a good man."

Daniel had seen already that. "Then from now on, stay close to me."

you get my permission to do that?" He pretended to be upset and tried to take her phone away again.

But Janet put her phone in the pocket of her coat where it was safe, and murmured to him, "Don't be silly. I'll let you kiss me."

"Okay." He agreed, and then he lifted her chin and lowered his head.

Janet couldn't help closing her eyes.

However, Daniel let her go as soon as she closed her eyes.

She was embarrassed, and she gave his hand a slap and walked away.

But Daniel sped up and put his arm around her.

Janet tried to break free from his hold but it was useless.

Angela protested behind, "Hey, you two in the front! Have you ever thought about us single people?"

Janet smiled, and said to Daniel, "Don't put your arm around me! I'm not your girlfriend!"

While looking at her, he asked, "Do you want to?"

Her heart was beating rapidly. 'I see him everyday, but I still feel anxious when I'm in front of him like a teenager. Oh, I'm so silly!'

"No, I don't, " she answered. "There're many girls that dream to be your girlfriend. I'm sure that you don't need one more."

"I will let you be my girlfriend if you apologize to me." When they arrived at some steps placed across a running water, he carried her in his arms, and never put her down again the whole way back.

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