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   Chapter 243 You Can Be My Brother-in-law

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"It is romantic to enjoy the sunrise with the opposite sex. Look, all of them are couples. So you should not be with me." Angela's words made Janet a little frustrated, so Janet looked at Angela sadly and wanted to say something.

But Angela stopped her and waved to Daniel, saying, "Daniel, please take Jane with you. I want to enjoy the sunrise with Cole."

At that moment, Cole held Angela in his arms to show that they wanted to watch sunrise together.


Daniel calmly looked at Janet who was obviously in a bad mood, and said, "Janet."

Janet became more upset. She thought, 'You called me Jane last night but now you called me Janet. Perhaps you feel sorry for Shirley because you are with me now.'

"What?" Janet said in a cold tone.

"Come here and sit with me." It was a rare opportunity for he and Janet to enjoy some peaceful time. He didn't want to waste it.

Moreover, it was romantic to watch the sunrise, so he wanted to enjoy it with his beloved one.

"Why?" Janet asked.

'Are you kidding?' Daniel thought to himself. He then picked her up and put her in the place where he had sat.

Then, he sat next to her.

It was a little cold in the morning. Fortunately, Janet was wearing a coat, but Daniel wasn't. Janet was about to argue with Daniel, but she became quiet the moment she touched his cold arm.

Later, Daniel held Janet's arm and let her head rest on his shoulder. Janet said nothing.

Both of them were enjoying the beautiful and quiet moment.

If anyone spotted that scene, he would think that they were definitely a couple.

When Janet felt dizzy and sleepy, there appeared golden ray in the sky.

"Have you fallen asleep?" Daniel asked.

His words seemed like a trigger. Suddenly, Janet woke up.

She sat up a bit and looked at the sky.

In the distance, the red sun rose little by little from behind the clouds. The sky soon became red and yellow. What a beautiful scene! Everyone was amazed at what they saw.

Janet immediately grasped the opportunity to take a photo of this natural wonder.

"Do you like it?" The man asked.

Janet nodded without hesitation. How could anyone not like it?

had passed by.

Water fell down and let out loud noise. Janet screamed, "Son of a bitch! Daniel, if you don't like me, don't flirt with me!"

She thought that there was no one. But in fact, a man was standing behind her.

He sneered the moment he heard her words.

'Who is he?' Janet awkwardly turned around and found a tall man with tattoos and short hair.

The man wore a white T-shirt and camouflage pants with a pair of white shoes.

There was a girl standing beside him and two strong men behind him.

Janet's initial instinct was that these men were from a gang.

She didn't like these people, so she didn't plan to ask if they had heard her words. She decided to leave.

When she passed by them, the man said, "You are the head of the Tianye Men, Miss Janet."

He said affirmatively, so Janet was confused and stopped to look at them.

"Janet, nice to meet you!" The man put on an evil smile and reached his right hand out.

Although sometimes Daniel may smile with evil intentions, he was not like this man. The man looked like a rogue.

"Who are you?" she said in a cold tone and ignored his right hand.

He knew her whereabouts, so it meant that they had been following her.

The man didn't mind her attitude, withdrew his hand, and said, "My name is Hobson Gong."

Hobson Gong? Janet was sure that she hadn't heard of this name, so she didn't want to say anything to him and continued walking forward.

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