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   Chapter 242 The Sun is Coming Up

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6419

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Lola Li told Shirley Zheng to move from the 87th floor to the Secretary Department on the 20th floor, but Shirley didn't want to do. She would be too far away from Daniel Si.

"Just do what you're told!" Daniel said in a cold voice.

They all knew why Lola did that. She was trying to keep Shirley away from Daniel.

Shirley cried even louder, which annoyed Daniel.

"Mr. Daniel, how could you do this to me? Janet still hasn't fallen back in love with you yet. Are you sure you want to kick me downstairs?" Shirley said, sobbing. She knew that Daniel had been using her, but still couldn't help feeling heartbroken when he wanted to dump her.

When Shirley talked about Janet, Daniel started smoking in silence.

He went on listening to what she had to say. "All you heard that night came from her own lips. I just recorded it for you, hoping that you would stop loving her, because I know she'll never love you back.

She doesn't know what you went through, but I know.

You've seen how much she has changed since she came back. She didn't even apologize to you even though she knew that she had done you wrong three years ago..."

Shirley was right. Daniel had been waiting for Janet to apologize.

"If she had truly loved you, she would have gotten back together with you. She wouldn't have said that."

"You know what, Daniel? I called her to say sorry, but she didn't listen. She even said... that I am not even qualified to be a mistress. I'm sorry, Mr. Daniel. I know it's wrong of me to do this."

"But I do love you, Daniel. I'll give you everything that I have. And I'll do anything for you. I just want to stay by your side, even if you'll never marry me..."

"Cut it out!" Daniel was enraged. He threw his cigarette butt onto the ground and stomped on it. He didn't want to know how much she loved him.

He felt sick when he knew a woman, other than Janet, fell in love with him.


t was four o'clock. Janet pulled Daniel's hands off of her. She climbed out of the tent.

At half past four, the group decided to set out for the sunrise, finding that many tourists were also going there from the hotel.

The guys decided to leave their bags where they had stayed last night, so that the girls wouldn't have to carry them. If the bags were stolen, they were stolen.


Although the girls were speechless, they finally started walking towards the maples.

There were lights along the road, but Daniel and Sven still led the way for the group, with flashlights in their hands.

When they reached there, the day broke, but the sun hadn't come up.

There were quite a few couples waiting for the sunrise.

Each of the group found a place to sit down, and Janet followed Angela. She had been doing this since she climbed out of her tent this morning.

Angela was confused. She wondered why Janet followed her everywhere she went.

Now Janet even found herself a place next to Angela as soon as she sat down.

Angela liked having Jane around, but she also promised Lola that she would help bring Daniel and Janet together.

So she said, "Jane, can you go somewhere else? I want Cole to sit here."

... Janet glanced at her. "Why?" she asked.

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