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   Chapter 241 Leaving the Tent Behind on Purpose

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6621

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"Janet, I heard a noise." Janet stopped on her tracks upon hearing Daniel's words.

She asked nervously, "What is it?"

Daniel poured the water, where he had washed the towel, on the ground and said, "The sound of pouring water."


Janet really wanted to hit him at this point.

Soon, they appeared in front of Jerry, with Daniel's shirt still in Janet's hands.

"Did I rush you guys when you had just taken off your shirt? I'm sorry for ruining your plan, Daniel. Deal with it for my wife's sake, " said Jerry. Then, he went away to tell his wife that it was time for a wash.

Wondering whether he was her biological brother or not, Janet threw the shirt back to Daniel and, with her hands akimbo, intended to have a fierce argument with Jerry.

Daniel stopped her and put her basin aside.

Then, he started to walk toward a nearby bathroom. "I don't want to go to the bathroom."

"If you don't go, I will die, " Daniel responded.

"How come?" asked Janet, puzzled.

It wasn't until when Daniel pushed her against a big tree did she realize what was going on.

However, suddenly, they heard some noises before he could kiss her.

They were both stunned. Janet turned around to look and saw two shadows.

It turned out that Daniel wasn't the only one who couldn't wait.

Janet felt embarrassed. She pushed him away and tried to head back.

"Don't go!" He grabbed her from behind and placed his nose on her neck.

Janet broke free from his big hands and said, "We're not alone."

"Then let's go somewhere else."

Daniel carried her in his arms and walked on.

"No. They will know and make fun of us." If a single man and a single woman had been gone for such a long time, everybody would have known what they had been doing.

"Whatever. Sven has been away for a while."

No wonder she hadn't seen Sven and Nicole for some time. She had thought they had gone back to their tent.

"How do you know?" she asked, looking at him, hands arou

n't forgotten to bring his tent, but had left it at home intentionally.

It had been a long day. Janet didn't want to think about it anymore. She fell asleep very soon.

Just when she had fallen asleep, Daniel's cellphone started to ring.

He tried to answer it, but the phone slipped from his hand and landed near Janet. She opened her eyes and saw the caller's name - Shirley.


Suddenly, she felt her heart had sunken to the bottom of the sea.

"I'm sorry for waking you up. I forgot to put it on mute. Go back to sleep. I have to take this." It was past 10 PM. Shirley wouldn't have called this late if it hadn't been for something important.

Daniel had gone outside the tent.

"Yes, speak." Janet heard him say in a low and deep voice.

Then, his footsteps went farther and farther away until the sound finally disappeared.

Janet was eager to find out what Shirley had called for.

However, it was between Daniel and Shirley. She was in no place to interfere.

Daniel found a place where he could take the phone call without disturbing anyone.

Having reported to Daniel about work, Shirley started to sob and said, "Daniel, I have really worked hard. I understand what Mrs. Si is thinking, but I want to stay around you. Boss, I have never made any mistakes in work. You know that."

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