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   Chapter 240 I Am Totally Under Daniel's Control

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6764

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'What else has she been through these past three years?'

The more Daniel knew, the more heartbroken he was.

When he finally said, "I'm here", Janet was quite relieved.

In the past three years, she had been through things she had never thought she would experience. Every time she wanted to cry, but she dared not to.

When she couldn't help crying, Caspar always comforted her. But unlike Daniel, Caspar couldn't give her a sense of security, so she couldn't cry heartily.

Now that she was back with Daniel and felt secure, she heavily sobbed for quite a long time. Then, she wiped her tears and said, "Let's go back."

Having seen her tears twice today, Daniel was heartbroken and took her face in his hands. As Daniel was about to kiss her, Sven pointed a flashlight on their faces.

"Jane, we've already brought the things back. You can go back with Daniel!"


Knowing what Daniel wanted to do, Janet hurriedly left him and walked toward Sven.

After she got her washbasin and towel, she stopped and looked at Daniel.

Daniel took the flashlight from Sven's hands and walked back first.

Janet didn't follow him immediately. She looked at his brother and Sven and asked again, "When you went back there, did you see it?"

"No. Just go ahead. Daniel is not frightened at all anyway." Jerry waved his hands to his sister.

Realizing she didn't follow, Daniel turned back and pulled her wrist, "I've never seen such a coward. You are afraid of the dark, pets, and snakes. Janet, is there anything you are not afraid of?"

Janet kept quiet and glared at him. But he still held her wrist, so she had to go with him.

As they approached the place where they were before, Janet pulled his wrist and said in horror, "I won't go!"

Daniel used the flashlight to check the surroundings, took the washbasin from her hand, and filled it with water.

Then, he turned off the flashlight, "Wash!"

Janet was still afraid and asked him, "What if there is snake again?"

"I'll throw it into the


"I... should go back."

Daniel stood up from the stone, took the washbasin from her, and said, "Wait!"

He filled the washbasin with water, took his shirt off, and threw it at her.

Janet caught his shirt by reflex. He had carried her on his back for quite a long time today, but, to her surprise, his shirt didn't have the smell of sweat.

The two didn't talk anymore. All that could be heard was Daniel washing his towel.

He also kept on changing the water.

When he filled the washbasin with water for the fifth time, Janet stood up from the stone and asked, "Daniel, what's wrong with you?"

She had only used four basins of water, but he had already used five basins, and he wasn't even done yet.

"Wait!" He said again.

When Daniel filled the washbasin with water for the sixth time, Jerry's voice came from the distant, saying, "Daniel, could you please hurry up! My wife is waiting! If you want to have sex, go to that big stone over there!"


"Jerry! Can you stop thinking dirty?" Janet shouted back.

Daniel faintly said, "Ask him where the big stone is."

Janet rolled her eyes and stood up from the stone. She didn't want to wait for him anymore!

"Since you are with Daniel, what else can I think?" In the eyes of Jerry, when man was with a woman he loved, he would always think about sex.

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