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   Chapter 239 Everything Has Its Conqueror

Trapped with Daniel By Changdu Characters: 6133

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It turned out that she was just assuming things by herself.

She asked him with a tone of dismay, "Will you eat it?"

Daniel felt her anger rising so he took the 'Donkey Burger' from her hand and took a big bite on it.

The taste wasn't as bad as he thought. He chewed on it reluctantly.

And then Janet passed him a bowl of pork soup and ordered determinedly, "Eat it!"

Janet didn't expect Daniel to eat the soup.

But Daniel really picked up the spoon and had the soup.

Seeing this scene, Sally was too stunned that she had to pause from eating.

As Daniel's sister, Sally never saw his brother being obedient like this ever since he was born.

Their father's very cold expressions always aroused his rebellions.

But when facing Janet, Daniel was laid-back and would always listen to what she says.

'Everything has its conqueror. It's true indeed. Daniel was conquered by this woman.' Sally thought to herself in jest.

And then she gave her a thumbs-up signal with great respect.

Janet was confused and mistook this gesture as just an act of fun.

Then she quickly passed a bowl of soup for Sally, "Sally, it's yours."

"Thank you! But Jerry had let me drink some already!" Sally put the bowl down on Daniel's plate. Seeing that Janet was actually expecting, Daniel glanced at the soup and controlled his uncomfortable feelings. He drank it.

Daniel had never come to a restaurant of this kind. When he was on a business trip to a village, someone would specially prepare food for him. He would always get what he wanted.

And then all the kitchen utensils were totally new. Everything he used was spotlessly clean.

But now all the things here were used by others and wasn't disinfected. He had no appetite at all.

If not for Janet, he wouldn't have eaten so much.

He then glanced at Sven

lso just shake her head. She didn't know too.

"And Selina?"

Jerry asked Selina. She said, "I just heard Jane crying! What's wrong?"

All the men didn't know what to say.

They looked at Janet. "Why did you scream?" Jerry asked.

Janet raised her head from Daniel's chest, recalled what she saw and cried, "Snake... Two snakes."


"Oh, no!!" Angela was well afraid of snakes. Though she didn't see them with her own eyes, she held Sven's arms and screamed again.

Janet cried louder, "Those snakes were about to bite me!'

Last year, when she was kidnapped in Z Country, she was bitten by a viper which almost claimed her life.

Daniel frowned and sweetly wiped her tears, "Is there anything wrong with you? Are you hurt right now?"

It's quite normal that snakes would appear in the mountains.

She shook her head and grabbed Daniel's clothes.

"I was bitten last year, and almost died. My poor daughter would have been left alone..." She cried even louder.

Seeing this, everyone glanced at each other and returned to their own tents. Sven and Jerry went to the place where the women lost their things.

Daniel embraced her and never stopped comforting her, "I'm here, don't be afraid."

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