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   Chapter 238 You Have the Nerve to Blame Me

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 9117

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"Excuse me. What are you doing?" Janet asked in confusion.

Daniel crouched in front of her. Janet's eyes fell on his wide back. She felt her heart tremble a little.

"I'm doing quite well. There's no need to carry me. I'm okay." Janet refused him right away. She felt it was not a big a deal. It's just that her toe hurt a bit. She's a strong woman. She could take it.

She then walked past him, and went on ahead.

But her wrist was grabbed by Daniel. He was still crouching when he coldly ordered, "Hop on my back!"

"No, it's not necessary!" Janet refused again in a soft voice, and then got free off his grip. And she even ran faster forward to prove that she was fine.

Daniel then ran too and caught up with her. Ignoring everyone's surprised looks, he carried her over his shoulder.


But Janet felt dizzy all of a sudden as her head was upside down. When she realized that she was draped on his shoulder, she hastily corrected herself, "Okay, Okay! Please carry me on your back! Don't hold me this way... It's uncomfortable."

Janet really felt uncomfortable as she could feel her blood all coming to her head.

Daniel then put her down, and Janet obediently climbed on his back. She said, "Hey, do you enjoy being tortured?"

"It depends; if you torture me on the bed, I'll be so pleased with it!" Daniel replied with a grin. He put on a sly smile, which Janet didn't see.

... Janet's face and ears turned red. 'This shameless man!'

She tweaked his ear and pretended to be angry, and said, "If you say one more of your shameless words, I'll pinch your ear hard!"

"Hey, let go!" ordered Daniel. He was angry as he frowned. No one ever dared tweak his ear!

Janet said in a proud voice, "No way! You deserve it! You bullied me just right now!"

Unexpectedly, Daniel suddenly patted on her hip with one of his hands.

Janet was shocked and became so frustrated; she had to loosen her hand.

"Daniel! You dare..." Janet wanted to pinch his ear again, but she didn't dare do it anymore as she knew she would just receive more punishments from him.

She heard a teasing laughter behind her, and this made Janet feel even more embarrassed. She said furiously, "Sven! What do you think you are laughing at?"

"I'm laughing at you! It's obvious! Daniel just hit you on your butt! Aha, ha..."

With Sven's words, everybody burst into laughter.

Janet slapped Daniel's arms and demanded, "It's your fault! Now, hurry up! Don't wait for them!"

Janet thought that they would keep making fun of her the whole day. 'Hum!'

Daniel didn't refuse her demand this time, and he picked up his speed.

Even though they were already going fast, Janet still could hear the conversations of t

her teeth and said, "Cole, when I go back home, I will be sure to send you some of my daughter's poo, and let you have a taste of it!"

Angela climbed off her brother's back and ran up to Janet. She said, "Jane, please send some to my brother too. Please count my brother in to such a good deal! Don't you think so?"

Sally then raised her head and indicated Janet to look at Daniel. "Look at my brother. When you mentioned your daughter, he smiled so happily! Please also give him some poo to have a taste of it!"

It was true; Daniel couldn't stop smiling right now. His smile was noticed by Janet.

Janet felt her heart ache a little, as she realized that Daniel was really quite fond of their daughter!

"Do you guys still need to eat later? I bet you couldn't look at your food anymore." asked Janet. She looked at the other people and grinned.

"Of course! Oh, my god! Please let me forget about your daughter's poo!" Sven looked at the sky, and yelled in an exaggerated way.

Laughing all the way, they went down the mountain and found a clean restaurant for their dinner.

After exhausting so much strength during the afternoon, they were all very hungry. When the dishes were placed on the table, they started to eat them in a hurry, ignoring the quality of the food.

But Daniel again sat quietly on his chair. He just ate a stick of celery, and then stopped moving his chopsticks.

Janet sighed and said, "If you don't eat well, how are you going to have the strength to carry me on your back tomorrow?"

She then picked up a slice of the donkey meat and put it in front of him.

The donkey meat was a specialty of Dongcui Mountain. When Janet was about to pass it to him, he frowned and didn't move.

He then said, "Have I promised you that I will carry you again tomorrow?"


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