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   Chapter 237 You Two Still Have the Nerve to Mess Around

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8008

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"I feel more sorry for you. She had bullied you for several years when both of you were little."

Janet and Sven grew up together abroad. They had numerous fights with each other very often when they were still young. There were times that Sven even lost to Janet...

Sven still felt so upset and dismayed when he remembered those days.

Janet blushed, stared at Daniel and retored, "You two are messing with me, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh." Daniel was indeed teasing her. He didn't shy away from admitting it.

Janet got pissed off. She ran to him, grabbed his arm and gifted him a nasty bite.

Daniel did not dodge, and he let her do whatever she wanted. He actually knew right away what she would do.

Shelly laughed so hard and interrupted the both of them, "Take it easy, Jane. You must take the responsibility if he hurt himself. You know that, right?"

"Ha! Ha!" They all laughed heartily at Shelly's joke.

Janet let go of Daniel's arm but just stared at him. His careless expression stayed the same.

If it were not for the obvious teeth marks on his arm, Janet would thought she had bit someone else.

Daniel withdrew his arm slowly and said, "Whether she wants it or not, she can't run away from me. He loves me too much."

His voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Janet's heart beat faster. 'What did he mean by that? Does he really love her? Why would he say something like that?'

"Daniel, when do you want to get married?" Angela asked, trying to bring up the topic.

"Yes and when? You have a lovely daughter together, but you still have the nerve to mess around?" said Sally.


Janet walked a few steps away from him and said, "You're all overthinking. He has a fiancee."

"Daniel is a beautiful and intelligent man. It's natural that other women would try everything to get him. Janet, you go for it and compete." Sven patted her on the shoulder.

'Why should I compete for him? Why me and not Daniel?' Janet tried to convince herself not to give in.

Everyone kept talking about Daniel and Janet's confusing relationship.

Janet quickly changed the subject and said, "Let's go downhill. The Ten-Mile scene is right there, am I correct? Let's go. It's very beautiful in there."

Janet picked up her coat, put it on and began to head downhill.

Sven gently patted Daniel on the shoulder. Though Sven did not even say a single word,

nd said, "You're a goddess, my goddess. I'll love you forever."

"Oh? Are you drawing my wife over to your side? I don't want to carry you. Sorry." Sven would have put Nicole down, but he quickened his pace after he heard what Angela said.

Angela endlessly complained about it again, and her loud voice reverberated in the valley. Janet overheard their conversation and grinned at them.

She walked to Jerry and said, "Jerry, why would a man become so mean when he gets a wife?"

Sven put his wife before everything, as well as Jerry.

Sally walked close to Janet and said, "You can ask the same question to Daniel. I feel the same."

Daniel was so kind to Janet that Sally actually was becoming a little jealous.

"I will not ask him that." Janet pouted. Then she left Jerry and Sally alone and continued admiring the view.

Suddenly, one of them shouted, "Let's take a break." So they found a place to sit down and relax for a while.

Janet felt that her toe was a little painful. She took off her shoe and noticed that her little toe on the right foot had become swollen.

She blew on it and was about to put on the sock. But her foot was held by suddenly someone's hand, and she was so surprised. Her mouth gaped open.

It was Daniel that held her foot.

He frowned at her, and then looked at swollen toe carefully. Janet panicked, withdrew her foot and put on the shoe.

"Just sit still!" His voice was so loud that Janet did not have the courage to look at him.

When they started walking again, Daniel kept standing in front of her and would not let her pass by.

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