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   Chapter 236 I Want You to Carry Me on Your Back and Climb the Mountain

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8596

Updated: 2018-09-02 22:41

While snuffling, Janet turned around, and explained, "I have nothing to do with him, and I'm not his girlfriend!"

After he heard her, Daniel, who was about to coax her, again began to be impatient.

He grabbed Janet's arm, and said, "What do you want me to do, eh?"

"I want you to carry me on your back and climb the mountain!" For a while, Daniel was stunned by her wish.

Janet, who was still crying, then tried to wipe her tears off her face. She didn't want to go back before she reached the top of the mountain, because that would have made the whole trip meaningless.

Daniel was annoyed, but still squatted for her. Janet rudely climbed on his back, and said, "You have to carry me until we reach the mountain top. If you don't do that, then I'll cry all the way!"


"Shut up now! Otherwise, I'll abandon you right here!" Indeed, he couldn't stand her crying. Whenever she cried, he was also sad.

Janet then immediately stopped speaking. When they passed by the middle-aged sanitation worker again, the worker even smiled at her.

Janet blushed and buried her face in Daniel's back, feeling very embarrassed.

Janet believed that it was all Daniel's fault! He was the one who had made her feel ashamed!

When Daniel was in the military camp, he was able to run for 20 kilometres straight while in the same time carrying 25 kilograms of equipment on his back. Of course he could carry Janet to the mountain top.

But even so, Daniel sweated a lot on their way up there, and was almost out of breath when they had reached the mountain top.

Janet didn't feel tired at all; there was no need for her to sweat or gasp for breath.

Before Janet got the chance to care about Daniel, Jerry and Sven ran over to them and looked at Daniel in amazement. "Daniel, did you climb up the mountain while carrying your woman on your back?" asked Sven.

Janet stared at Sven, and thought, 'Your woman?'

She then took a wet wipe from Selina and handed it to Daniel.

Jerry immediately stopped her, and said, "Daniel carried you on his back for so long, so he must be too tired to even raise his arms. Why are you still asking him to wipe off his sweat?"



Janet drew Daniel aside, let him sit on a chair and started to help him wipe the sweat off of his forehead.

When Janet stood in front of him, he smelled her delicate scent coming from her skin.

Daniel couldn't help but wrap his arms around Janet's waist.

"Stop! I'm helping you wipe off the sweat!" said Janet. Several people leaned against the fence on the mounta

gain, " he said.

Janet felt unhappy, and looked at Jerry, and said, "You aren't my brother at all!"

Sven, who was standing beside her, started whistling, and spoke, "Jane, you should now know that I'm your brother. Come over here and call me brother. From now on, I'll protect you!"

All the others laughed at his words, but looked at Sven and smiled. "Sven, you'd better be a devoted husband and continue to show your affection to your wife! If you don't do that, then I'm afraid that you'll have to kneel on a durian after you return home tomorrow."

After she heard her, Nicole started laughing, and said, "Jane, be sure that I won't be that nice to him!"

Janet pretended to seem serious and looked at Nicole. "Right. He should kneel on a blade! The durian will only slightly stab and hurt his skin, " she said.

While looking at some photos on her phone, Angela walked up to them, and said, "Nicole doesn't have the heart to do that!"

Sven, who was now pleased, put his hands around Nicole's shoulders. "Of course that my wife is softhearted; she could never be as merciless as Jane is!" he said.

"Sven Si, stop it! I'm not merciless!" shouted Janet. She pretended to be angry, and put her left hand on her waist and raised her fist up in the air at him with her right.

Sven pointed at Janet and pretended to look annoyed. "Look! Janet kept bullying me ever since she was a child, and as she grew up, she began to bully Daniel as well. She even left her bite mark on Daniel's arm. Daniel, I fully sympathise with you for your bitter experiences!" he said.

While Janet was chatting with Sven, Daniel, who was not that far away from her, was looking at her, and now was staring at Sven.

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