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   Chapter 234 That Man is Her Husband

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 9093

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Janet took a deep breath... Although she was still feeling a little hot, she felt a whole lot better than when she did with the scarf around her neck.

After they grabbed what they needed, all of them then began to climb up the mountain. Since they would return before nightfall, and spend the night on the eastern part of the scenic area, they didn't carry much of their stuff that they had brought along with them.

It was summer now, and Janet, who was dressed in a coat, attracted a lot of attention.

She secretly scolded Daniel again and again in her mind, believing that he was the one who had made her feel so humiliated in the first place.

The mountain scenery was beautiful, and along the way they saw peaks and rivers. When they had begun their hike, Janet had felt very good, and had walked effortlessly, without getting tired.

However, when they had completed only one third of their trip, Janet had soon started to gasp for air, and was exhausted. She was feeling so hot that she wanted to jump into the nearby stream and take a bath.

Walking next to Janet, Jerry had already started carrying Sally on his back. Sally had refused Jerry's offer to do that from the very beginning, but Jerry worried that, she being with child, she would feel uncomfortable, and insisted on carrying her on his back.

When Angela saw Jerry and Sally, she said to Cole, "Carry me too! Let's also show off our affection."

Cole pretended to look at her with disgust, and answered her, "I'll only carry my girlfriend!"

With her cheeks flushed, Angela puckered her mouth, and shouted, "Cole, you don't love me anymore!"

If other people, who didn't know them, had seen them, they would have thought that they were lovers. Sven took a quick glance at his sister, and said, "Angela, you're a lady! You should behave in a polite and graceful way!"

In the end, Cole smiled and squatted down, and carried Angela on his back.

After they hiked for some time more, they found a small waterfall, and decided that hey should take a break there.

Janet caught her breath, stepped on the stone steps and faced the waterfall. The moment she touched the icy cool water, she immediately felt more comfortable...

However, she couldn't get her feet into the water, because she was wearing a pair of sneakers in her feet.

Angela raised her head and naughtily looked at Cole. She asked, "Cole, can I take off my sneakers and play in the water for a while?"

Cole didn't get her point, and instead just replied, "Of course, you can! After all, we aren't in a hurry."

Angela snickered, and in a loud voice, said, "Will you still carry me after I get out of the water and my feet are wet?"

When he heard Angela, S

ring a word, he stretched out his long arms, and pulled Janet to the water side. He then unzipped her jacket and instead tied it around her waist.

Now, the love marks on Janet's neck were left exposed.

She didn't know whether she should take off the jacket tied around her waist or not.

She stared at Daniel, the one who had given her those marks in the first place.

Daniel squatted and turned his back to her, and Janet understood what he wanted to do. She also knew that she couldn't play in the water anymore, and she slowly crawled on his back.

After Janet had went ashore, Selina also left the water and found a spot with enough sunlight to dry her pants in it...

Finally, all of them went ashore. Scott carried his sister, but this time, Angela was carried by Sven, since Cole had to carry Shelly.

Nicole hadn't gotten into the water, and she was the only lady who could still walk. Sven held his wife's hand and walked forward, carrying his sister on his back.

When they saw them, all the other women that were passing by were very envious of them, and in turn also asked their husbands to carry them on their backs.

Janet sat on Daniel's back and tightly held onto his neck in her arms, fearing that she could somehow fall down.

When Janet smelled his pleasant and familiar scent, she stared at the back side of his head and let her mind wander.

"Does my hair look good?" asked Daniel. When he heard him, Janet was a little stunned by the question, and didn't answer him.

Daniel continued to say, "Why do you keep staring at my hair for so long?"


'Does he have eyes in the back of his head? How did he know that I was looking at him?' thought Janet.

She didn't say anything, and instead just kept leaning on his back, enjoying the happiness of... the moment.

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