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   Chapter 233 Why did You Have to Mention It

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 9283

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Angela also raised her hand, and said, "Me..." Under Sven's gaze, she continued, "Ten days!"

Hearing her, they all looked at Angela with envious eyes. Scott then protested to her, "Angela, please don't show off with your happy, free days to us, okay?"

Scott was studying at the same college as Angela was, and he had known pretty well that Angela was always skipping her classes, and was hanging around outside the campus most of the time!

Angela wasn't convinced by Scott's protest, and she distracted everyone's attention to Janet, and said, "Please, I'm not the one that you should be focusing on! Did you guys know that, when they were in college, Jane used to go with Bill to Korea to plant roses together? And they also went to France to eat... what was that? I can't remember it's name, but anyway, some kind of specialties!"

Bill being mentioned, Janet thought that maybe she should have also invited Bill to come along on the trip with them, to relax and lay his mind off of things.

In a gloomy voice, she said, "Oh, if you hadn't brought it up, I would have totally forgotten about it. I think it's time to take Bill back to Korea again!"

Sally looked at her, and asked, "What are you going to do in Korea?"

Janet replied to her with three simple words, "Plant pretty flowers."

The man next to her suddenly stood up from his seat, and while pulling out a cigarette out of his pack, he quickly strode to the parking lot nearby where he smoked it alone.

Janet looked at his back, and wondered if he actually wanted her to also shut up for the entire trip.

She then sighed, and thought that the man that she was looking at was really cold-blooded when it came to love. She was perplexed at the thought that he had slept with her the night before, and now, the following day, he could simply ignore her entire existence so easily.

The dishes were soon placed on the table, and Daniel also returned to his seat.

Enjoying the fresh and organic food, everyone felt quite happy and energized.

A dish of steamed carp fish was on the table, but it was placed beyond Janet's reach. She wanted to eat some of it, but she gave up on the idea because it was too far away from her.

Jerry placed a fish slice on Sally's plate, and said, "Here, eat some more fish. You're pregnant, fish is good for the baby."

Sally nodded, and happily ate the piece of fish on her plate.

Janet glanced at her brother and sister-in-law with an admiring look in her eyes, and tittered, "Sally, you should ask my brother to go fishing for you!"

She then served some chicken soup in a bowl and put it in front of her.

At that moment, Janet noticed that the man sitting next to her still hadn't touched his chopsticks and eaten anything yet.

Daniel was squ

nd asked him where her luggage was.

Jerry pointed at Daniel's Maybach car, and Janet again felt helpless.

She walked up to the car trunk of Daniel's Maybach, and while looking at the man a short distance away from here, she patted on the trunk.

But Daniel didn't move an inch.

"Daniel!" she cried. She had no choice but call out his name; she was suffocating from the heat, and wanted to take off her scarf as soon as possible. She would've rather been dressed in her coat than be wrapped in that scarf.

Daniel stared at her with a serious look on his face. Janet felt more annoyed by each passing minute, and yelled, "Open the trunk already! I need to take out something!"

She then slammed her palm heavily on his car to release her anger.

"Mind your manners!" Daniel only gave her a simple answer, and still didn't open the trunk.

Janet was furious, and wondered how could such a malicious man like this even exist in the world! Why?

She took a deep breath, and tried her best to calm down.

She asked with a softer voice, "Daniel, could you please open the trunk's lid?"

Daniel then took out the car key, and pressed on the button, and Janet opened the trunk.

She searched for her things inside the trunk, but she couldn't seem to find her coat anywhere, even if she had turned upside down everything, even Daniel's underclothes.

Without raising her head from the trunk, Janet asked Jerry, "Brother, where's my coat?"

Jerry thought for a second, and said, "I think it might be in my car's trunk."


Janet now really wanted to punch someone in the face! Really, really wanted!

Closing the Maybach's trunk, Janet then went to search inside Jerry's Audi trunk. Finally, she found her coat there.

Janet immediately took off Daniel's scarf, put on her pink coat, and pulled its zipper up to her neck.

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