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   Chapter 232 A Warm Family for the Twins

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7884

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The people in the living room were surprised. "Oh my god, Jane, are you allergic to something?" Selina Bo was surprised, and carefully looked at Janet's neck.

"Jane, you've been through too much!" Sally laughed. She had got married, and she knew what had happened to Jane.

"Oh my god, Daniel, you are really strong!" Sven Si crossed his arms and looked at the smoking man.

Janet blushed and covered her neck. Feeling embarrassed, she said, "All of you, stop looking at me!"

Trying to cover her smiling face, Selina asked, "Daniel, do you want a second child?"

"A second child? Even if I wanted to have a second child, I definitely wouldn't have it with him again!" Janet became very angry, and said something which badly irritated Daniel.

He was smoking on his cigarette, and after hearing Janet's words, he casually said, "If you ever dare to have a second child with another man, I'll kill him!"


Ignoring the people's laughter around her, Janet stared at Daniel furiously, and said, "Daniel, you just wait for my wedding invitation!"

She then rushed into his wardrobe and put a long winter scarf on her neck.

The crowd laughed again, and later they left the Waterside Complex together.

Janet was the last of the group, and she stared at Jerry Shao until he started feeling uncomfortable.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" he asked.

"Your sister didn't come home the entire night; why didn't you do something about it?"

Janet was complaining. She hadn't come back home at night for many times, and her family had eventually stopped worrying and looking for her, which made her sad.

'Oh. That's the reason why she's become so angry.' Jerry understood her but didn't answer her question; instead, he said something else. "Well, Daniel came to our house the day before yesterday. He brought a bottle of expensive new tea for our father, the leaves were hand-picked by young girls, around sixteen years old. The freshest tea leaves were picked with their lips so that the tea water was clean and fresh, and..."

"Stop talking! Brother, what on Earth are you talking about there?" Janet felt exhausted and interrupted Jerry's talking.

Jerry nodded, and cryptically answered Janet, "During the past three years, Daniel was the one who helped taking care of our parents. He always came to see his parents-in-law

e Dongcui Mountain was almost two hundred kilometres away from C Country, and it was ranked as a top national nature site. There was a very beautiful mountain scenery, which was called 'the ten kilometre painted canvas.'

It took two days for people to visit the mountain.

The highest mountain in C Country was on the western side of Cuiping Mountain, and on the eastern side there were many waterfalls and a maple tree forest. If people were awake at that early hour of the morning, they had the chance to see one of the most wonderful sunrises in their lives.

When they arrived at the base of Cuiping Mountain, it was already noon. Their expensive cars had also attracted a lot of attention from the other tourists.

They went to a local restaurant for lunch, and they were casually chatting and sitting together while waiting for their meal.

Sven said, "It's been a long time since we last travelled, " and shook his head to express his regret.

Janet laughed at him, and said, "What about your honeymoon with Nicole?"

She was sitting next to Sally and Daniel, and she moved closer to Sally to keep away from Daniel.

He was acting a little cold to people, which made her be scared of him...

Sven looked at her and then knocked three times on the table with his chopsticks. He said, "It's been three years already since we went on our honeymoon!"

"Well, I have one, two, three…" Janet counted on her fingers, "Well, count one down. It's been two years since I last travelled!"

Jerry held his wife's hands, and said. "For me? Huh, ten years!"

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