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   Chapter 230 I Don't Like Women Who Misbehave

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7477

Updated: 2018-09-02 10:44

Daniel looked angry as he bluntly said to her, "You ungrateful girl. Now, you are just asking for a punishment from me!"

Janet curled up her lips in distress, "Daniel, I don't wish to see you anymore. You should stop bothering me."

She knew that he did not love her, but she did not understand why on earth did he keep on seeing her?

Was it because of the child? If that was indeed the case, she actually had a solution. Janet opened her mouth decidedly and said, "Let's draw a line here. Let us both compromise on our daughter's custody!"

"How do we compromise?" His voice was so cold that Janet shivered.

She thought for a second and sighed before spitting out the words, "I will get full custody, but you are allowed some visitation rights."

She could not give the custody to Daniel as she was concerned that he would find a stepmother for her child. She, on the other hand, would never find a stepfather for her daughter.

She could clearly feel his wrath, as his hand on her wrist gripped tighter.

"Don't test my patience! I swear to God I will throw you into the ocean!"


Janet suddenly felt scared. She was concerned that he would actually jump on her throat and kill her.

"Fine. We can take turns looking after the child..."

She found it pointless to argue with him here. She would rather take the high road because she still had the other twin.

His face turned even worse. He raised his palm into the air. Janet got scared and screamed out, "Fine! You get custody. I will just visit her from time to time!"

She gave in. Janet felt stupid and defeated.

His palm landed on her neck. Janet closed her eyes at his touch. What else did he want?

She already gave the custody to him. What more could he possibly want out of her? There was no way for him to deprive her of the visitation right!

She murmured with her eyes closed, "It would be impossible for me to not visit my child! You might as well just kill me! I would rather die than not see her."

Daniel looked at her face. For a moment, he was amused. Why couldn't she just admit that she would rather die than not be with him?

"Tell me, woman, who are you thinking of at the moment?" He could never be this harsh to her. Jus

ll, Boss Si, she rent a new apartment at that time. Who paid the rent for her? Do you think I'm stupid?"

He was a very wealthy, powerful man. He could get any women he wanted. However, Janet despised men like that.

She did not care about how much he had or how well he treated her. As long as he was disloyal, she hated him nevertheless.

"I paid for it because you were at her place!" He turned his head and angrily stared at her. He did all those for her sake. He only bothered to spend money on Shirley because of her.

"How did you know that I was at her place?" Janet thought that he happened to see her there when he was on his way to meet up with Shirley.

Unaware of her thoughts, Daniel slowly opened his mouth, "She told me everything!"

Janet laughed drily as she did not believe him at all, "Stop lying to me, Daniel! Whether you are telling the truth or not, there is no way we can go back to how we were before and be together."

Daniel paused. The ambience in the car was ice cold. He stared into her eyes and said, "Let bygones be bygones!"

He walked out of the car, leaving her behind.

Janet tapped on the car window and shouted at him through the gap, "Let me go!"

Hands in the bathrobe pockets, he calmly looked at her and said, "Go then."

... "Damn it!" Janet cursed between her teeth.

How could she leave now that she was naked? Daniel overestimated his power of trapping her in there. She had nothing to lose.

She was ready to risk it.

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