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   Chapter 229 I Will Dump You

Trapped with Daniel By Changdu Characters: 6724

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Janet hurriedly dashed to the front row, but Daniel quickly followed her. Everyone was confused about what's happening. Then, Daniel pulled Janet back to the last row, picked two seats, and sat down.

"What do you want to do?" Janet gave a sharp look to the man beside her.

The man suddenly smiled and whispered to her, "Nothing. I just want to sit with you!"

... Janet immediately got angry.

'What an asshole!' Then, she said, "Be careful what you say. Your secretary might get jealous!"

Shirley, sitting in front, frequently turned to look at them.

Daniel ignored her words and seductively said, "I've heard that cinemas... are very exciting." He looked at the the woman whose face turned red as an apple, "How about we give it a shot?"

"No! What the hell are you talking about? Go do it with your secretary instead!" Janet put the popcorn in his arms and stood up. She just wanted to be away from this rascal!

But Daniel put aside the popcorn and pulled Janet back to sit on his lap again.

"Don't play tricks, or I will really do what I want!" He warned her in low voice.

At this point, Janet was upset but she didn't want to make a scene, so she had to retreat and sit down.

The movie was chosen by Sven. Since all of them were adults, and they didn't come here just to watch a movie, he chose a love film.

The movie started with a bed scene. Everyone sitting in front felt really awkward, except Angela.

Those sitting in the middle were indifferent.

As for the two sitting in the last row, Daniel suddenly lifted Janet's chin up and sharply looked at her.

"Why... are you looking at me like that?" Janet was scared.

He locked her neck with his right arm and kissed her.


A background music began to play, signaling the end of the bed scene. But Janet was still immersed in Daniel's kissing and couldn't come to her senses.

After they stopped kissing, Janet wiped her mouth hard, which disappointed Daniel.

"Daniel! Are you a sex addict? You are alway


She ran fast enough to catch Spark, who was about to leave. Janet grabbed his arm and said, "Spark, I'll go with you!"

A cold voice behind them said, "Spark."

Spark brought her back to the car and avoided her like the plague.


Then, the woman was pulled into the car again. Daniel lightly moved his hand and the rear seats became a bed...

Janet wanted to run away from this, but she was pulled back by Daniel and pressed under him.

Janet realized what Daniel wanted to do and trembled, "Damn it! Could you please stop doing this to me?"

"Okay!" The man answered.

Janet felt a little relieved. But he didn't intend to let her go.

He said, "Apologize to me!"


"Because you didn't believe me!" Daniel's voice was low and attractive.

Janet laughed at him, "You always flirt with other women, but you blame me for not believing you. Daniel, there is no way I will ever apologize to you."

Daniel remained calm and composed. He gently touched her face and said, "If you don't want to do that, then how about this? Start courting me now. Then, I will be with you for three months. Finally, I'll dump you and let you feel how it's like to be abandoned, okay?"

The woman glared at him, "Are you crazy?"

"Make a choice!" He grasped her wrist.

"No. Neither!" She refused to admit defeat.

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