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   Chapter 228 You Actually Want Me To Sell My Body

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Nicole could not help smiling. Sven also got out of the fitting room. He had tried on a black sportswear. "Honey, how do I look?" he asked.

"It's black. Won't it make you feel hot?" Nicole tugged on his sleeves and adjusted the clothes for him.

"It's okay, " Sven said, arching an eyebrow.

He glanced at Janet and jokingly said, "Should I get a white one? Jane and I can have matching outfits."

Janet smiled and pretended to scowl, "Aren't you afraid that your wife would get jealous and make you kneel on a durian?"

"It's fine, Jane. Let him buy the white one." Even though Nicole said that, she stared at Sven with a murderous look.

Sven held Nicole's back immediately, shook his head, and said, "I am just kidding. Even if you are okay with it, I don't think I can walk out of this store safely if I do buy it."

Janet realized that Sven was talking about Daniel. She could not help but glance at Daniel, who was not far away from them.

Shirley chose an outfit for him intently. Daniel held onto a gray sportswear and was about to walk to the fitting room.

Sven cast his eyes in the same direction, walked up to Janet, and said, "Don't worry. The secretary won't go tomorrow."

Janet withdrew her eyes from Daniel and said, "I don't care."

She did not care about whom he went out with. It was none of her business.

Sven looked at the way she appeared indifferent and quietly sighed.

They also bought some coats as the temperature in the mountain varied greatly between day and night. Janet chose a light pink coat, as strongly suggested by Nicole and Sally.

"Sven, are we going to stay in a hotel or in tents tomorrow?" Scott asked Sven.

Sven cupped his cheek and thought about it for a little while. Then, he asked Daniel, who was standing next to him, "Daniel, what do you think? Hotel or tents?"

Daniel was looking at the coats. He paused and said, "Hotel."

Angela suddenly popped out of nowhere and said, "Daniel, let's stay in tents, shall we? I have never stayed overnight in a tent, not once."

Sally echoed Angela's idea, "Yes, I also want to try to stay in a tent!"


l could say anything, Cole pulled Shirley aside and said with a smile, "Miss Shirley, let's sit in the front row together. There's not enough seats in the back row."


Shirley was speechless. There were still several seats in the back row, but she did not say anything else. Janet, then, suggested that she and Shirley should switch seats. "You can sit here, " Janet briefly told Shirley.

Then, Janet stood up and was about to go to the front row.

Daniel and Nicole were sitting next to Janet. Janet had to pass by one of them if she wanted to get out.

There were more people sitting on Nicole's side, so Janet decided to go past Daniel.

Daniel sat there quietly. It seemed that he did not want to let her through.

Janet did not want to argue with him, so she turned around and proceeded to go past Nicole.

Before she could walk any further, Janet felt someone holding her wrist tight and pulling her back. She lost her balance and fell down on Daniel's legs.

Everyone saw what happened and giggled, except for Shirley and Janet.

Their faces went pale at the same time. As Janet tried to stood up, her face turned red.

"Why do you hate me?"

Daniel said coldly.

Meanwhile, the lights went down, and the movie was about to begin.

Daniel held Janet's waist with his right arm to stop her from standing up, but Janet still fought to stand up again.

Daniel suddenly let her go.

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